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Of the four soloists, Majors projected the greatest ease: floating, sparkling, resounding; a range of effects. Least comfortable was tenor Christopher Bengochea, long a local favorite, whose voice often was dry and (especially in his upper register) pinched. Known for his many lusty past performances, he didn’t blend well with the other singers and seems right now to be going down a wrong path yyting dance shoes uk online. Even so, he is so inherently musical that he managed to shine in a couple of solos: his Ingemisco heaved with powerful emotion..

In the second half of the performance, as Verdi shuffles his cards and keeps varying instrumental combinations, there were occasional intonation problems in the orchestra and tempos threatened to get out of hand yyting dance shoes uk online. But not for long: The overall momentum and thrust of the performance remained strong, and the commitment of the musicians was clear. The closing Libera me (“Deliver me”) was torrential, then tremulous, then sweetly resigned to the uncertainties of life and the hereafter. Interesting side point: Symphony Silicon Valley cloned itself through the weekend, splitting its pool of musicians to simultaneously perform the Requiem and (at the Center for the Performing Arts) a program with Ballet San Jose. But there was nothing diluted about Saturday’s grand performance of Verdi’s operatic mass. When the music had ended, and when the bows and applause were over, the hall still was abuzz with the emotions of the previous 75 minutes..

Ashton’s 1933 “Les Rendezvous,” to a sprightly score by 19th century composer Daniel Auber, was the evening’s only company premiere. The ballet charms with its apparent ease but the incisive footwork, the speed and constant changes of direction with an upper body that stretches and bends every which way are demanding. For the most part, the company took well to intricacies of this lighthearted divertissement. “Rendezvous” is an affectionate takeoff on British garden parties. It is witty, gentle and full of surprises — overhead lifts that make the women look like billowing sails, pretend Spanish dancing for the men and trios in which the women are rocked as if on swings. The infectious and ever so flirtatious give-and-take between Amy Marie Briones and Maykel Solas never let up. Solas’ scissor jumps somehow ended on one knee only to rise into whirling pirouettes. They made one smile yyting dance shoes uk online. Gently jerked between Alex Kramer and Francisco Preciado, Junna Ige kept her cool and played both of them..

“Rendezvous” is a wonderful acquisition for Ballet San Jose. May it return at some future date. Nutnaree Pipit-Suksun mesmerized with the clarity and lushness of her phrasing in Ashton’s “Meditation from Thais.” Jeremy Kovitch was the dreamer; no wonder he was smitten. Welch’s “Clear” and Tippet’s “Bruch Violin Concerto No. 1” premiered on the same program last year to recorded music yyting dance shoes uk online. But the ballet pledged to return to live music this season with a November gala raising funds toward that goal. Friday’s presentation, which runs through Sunday afternoon, proved that this difficult fact of life is an absolute necessity when building a first rate ballet company..

The dancers thrived on the give-and-take between themselves and the musicians. There is no substitute for that. The liveliness of George Daugherty’s gentle shaping of the music and Rachel Lee’s contribution as the violin soloist immensely enriched both of these works. It justified the somewhat unusual programming choices. “Clear” starts as a fierce exposition of male dancing. It’s blocky, showy and competitive with a superstrong Akira Takahashi surrounded by and responded to by six buddies. But odd gestures and touches of instability creep in: a tremor in a torso, an incongruous headshake. And was that a woman who appeared out of nowhere and evaporated as mysteriously? yyting dance shoes uk online.

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