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Nahat, whose connection to the ballet company began in the 1980s when it was part of a two-city co-venture known as the San Jose Cleveland Ballet, could not be reached for comment Thursday evening. Among the acclaimed ballets he has created for the company are “Blue Suede Shoes” and “Carmina Burana,” and he has created original choreography for more than 80 ballets in Ballet San Jose’s repertoire white ballet flats near me uk online. Annual performances of Nahat’s well-regarded version of “The Nutcracker” began earlier this month and conclude Friday..

Ziesel would not comment further on Nahat’s future position at Ballet San Jose or on exactly how the company would interact with American Ballet Theatre in coming seasons, other than to say the agreement was not a merger. “This is a partnership,” she said white ballet flats near me uk online. “This is not ABT dancers replacing Ballet San Jose dancers, this is not ABT’s artistic director replacing Ballet San Jose’s artistic director. And this is not our school becoming a satellite of ABT’s school. This is about Ballet San Jose and its school reaching for new heights of excellence, and there is no better partner than ABT with which to do that.”..

Boundless, owned by Cliff and Anna Kramer, won the top decorating prize in the sailboat category, while Coda, owned by Joan Lunderville, was recognized as the snazziest powerboat white ballet flats near me uk online. The Barge, operated by the Jack London Aquatic Center’s Master Women’s Rowing Team, received recognition for its entry in the Cartoon Christmas-theme event, as well. Congratulation to the winners, organizers and key sponsors — Celebrations on the Bay and Stem to Stern boating services — for hosting such a popular, fun-filled aquatic event, which is held to encourage members of the island community to enjoy the holidays on and off the water. And it also raises donations for the Oakland Firefighters Random Acts and the Alameda County Community Food Bank..

A lot of community members are expressing their appreciation to Perforce Software and other organizations that are spreading holiday cheer through the Little Ice Rink on Park Boulevard near Lincoln Avenue. The local spot is proving to be very popular with kids and adults alike. It opened Dec. 16 and remains accessible through Jan. 29. Over the weekend of Dec. 17-18, the Alameda Civic Ballet staged “The Nutcracker” at Kofman Theater. The show is directed each year by Abra Rudisill, who founded the troupe in 2003 white ballet flats near me uk online. Guest artists included Nicki and Ethan White, who were finalists in the CBS show “Live to Dance” and performed as the Snow King and Queen and as the show’s Arabian dancers..

Alameda resident Mary Grace Basco attended the event with daughter Graciela, 7. “This is the second year I’ve gone,” Mary Grace said, “and the kids like to go every year white ballet flats near me uk online. It’s a lovely production.”. “How do they do that?” Graciela asked her mother about the intricate foot work. “Then she got the chance to visit with the Spanish-dancing character from the show afterward in the lobby,” said Mary Grace. Jasmine Miller, who played the role, spoke with children about the performance. “And Graciela got to touch her toe shoes and see how (Miller) could get on point. That was exciting,” Mary Grace shared..

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