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Quilted Duffle Bag - Personalized and Embroidered - BALLET SHOES uk online

They’re back! After a two-week break for the Olympics, 14 dancers on “So You Think You Can Dance” worked to show their best steps for judges Nigel Lythgoe and Mary Murphy, and to the guest judges, Ballet Boyz Michael Nunn and Billy Trevitt. The bare-bones style of Season 9 of SYTYCD moves quickly without all the padding and extra acts, and focuses on dancing. Wednesday night’s show was a tribute to dancer/choreographer Mia Michaels and began with a group routine created appropriately by Michaels. Nigel called it a “50 Shades of Grey” routine with hanging ropes and lots serious kissing and it had a Cirque du Soleil attitude what are pointe shoes made of uk online. Host Cat Deeley, with her hair done up in a braid around her head, presided in a sparkly pink frock. It’s too bad that it looked as if her kitty had shredded the neckline and hem of the dress, leaving long tails of tatters..

Cat quickly announced that there is now an SYTYCD app, and that choreographers Tabitha and Napoleon D’umo are the happy parents of son London Riley, born at 10:01 p.m. Aug. 10. Relax, Cat, you don’t need to boil water, after all. And then it was time to dance, but only after each dancer described an SYTYCD moment that inspired them. First up was Cyrus and Eliana, doing the “Door” routine from Season 4 that was nominated for an Emmy. The object of each routine was for the dancers to add their own touches and make it their own, and Cyrus and Eliana did just that. I would never have believed that an “animator”/popper and a ballerina would do well together in the competition, but they are doing very well what are pointe shoes made of uk online. The judges had helpful advice and lots of praise. Judging by the comments of the Ballet Boyz, I’m not sure they have ever watched a single show — Nigel must be hard up for guest judges..

Second was Tiffany and George who recreated another routine from Season 4. Mary said the pair “murdered this routine” in a good way and that George elevated his role from the original, but Michael Nunn thought it was “more like two solos” instead of a duo and that they needed to “dial it back a bit.”. Then it was Amelia and Will’s turn to dance the “butt dance” and it failed to have the quirkiness of the original routine with the guy staring at a girl’s derriere. In fact, Nigel said that it was tough to critique “because I remember the original so vividly.” However, Mary said she liked it what are pointe shoes made of uk online.

Janelle and Dareian tried to recreate the “bed routine” that tWitch and Carrington did in Season 4. Dareian did some creative moves, but all of the judges focused on his “line” and his poor feet, while Janelle’s hair got in the way of her performance, said Michael Nunn what are pointe shoes made of uk online. Nigel marveled that Mia can “tell a story in one minute 30 seconds,” such as this one. Audrey and Matthew were next up and performed the “time piece” that Mia composed after the death of her dad. Mary said she “didn’t feel the passion and truth from Matthew, but Audrey was a shining light.” Billy Trevitt added that Matthew “lost the story in his work on the dance steps,” while Nigel said it “didn’t do it for me.” Uh-oh, it doesn’t look good for Matthew..

The sixth couple was Witney and Chehon, who did “the bench and sunflower” routine from Season 2 about unrequited love. Both dancers added their own touches and it was great, slightly short of the original by Travis and Heidi. Nigel told everyone the very personal story of how the sunflower represented Mia’s love for a man who was gay and so couldn’t accept her love what are pointe shoes made of uk online. Nigel called it one of his favorite routines of all time, but Mary suggested that Chehon needs to learn to “let go a little more.” While Witney got “Wow” from the judges, Chehon got a job offer. Michael Nunn said, “Chehon, you’ve always got a job with us!”..

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