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tutus and dance shoes uk online – Delight your tiny dancer with her very own ballerina to paint! Perfect for a birthday party, rainy day activity or slumber party fun! It's just like a page from a coloring book, but on a canvas. The end result is a beautiful, one of a kind painting that can be hung on the wall and displayed. I've hand-painted the outline, the rest is up to you! Use the included mini watercolor paint set to paint your masterpiece – just add a little water and let the fun begin!BASE PACKAGE:•Each set comes with paints and brush included•Back of canvas has a place for artist's name, date and title of painting•Canvas is 4" x 4" (10.16 x 10.16cm)•Canvas is an 1/8" thick, flat back (.32cm)•Made of 100% cotton, double primed•Acid-free core and acid-free adhesive•Core is made from a cellulose by-product that is an ecologically renewable source = Eco-friendly :)GIFT PACKAGE: is the base package plus:•Each set will be individually packaged in a clear gift bag• Color mixing chart included•Paint tips and tricks included•Saw-tooth hanger attached and ready to hang**If you are needing more than 9 – please check out the bulk listings section in my shop for a discount in price: https://www.etsy.com/shop/CiderRoseLARGER SIZES: If you are looking for larger size canvases please check out this listing: https://www.etsy.com/listing/663223244/art-party-favors-paint-your-own*Sample picture shows what the included paints look like on the canvas.*Sample picture shows contents of gift bag if you choose gift package.*PLEASE NOTE: Each individual painting is painted by hand, so it may vary slightly from the painting in the picture.Makes a great gift for all ages, and fun as a party favor too! Buy multiple kits and have a paint party!

Paint Your Own Ballet Shoes - Dance Recital Gift - Art Party - Kids Party Favors uk online

Composing has always been a source of discovery for Parker, whose works include operas, oratorios, ballets, film scores and compositions for solo instruments, as well as bands, large and small tutus and dance shoes uk online. “You have to go beyond the rules. What Duke taught us was, if you want to do it, you can do it. If you hear it, it can be done. You just have to have the willpower and energy to not let anything stop you. If one sound doesn’t work, you try another. If it doesn’t work when you play it loudly, when you turn down the volume and play it softly, it’s a beautiful color. That’s the wonderful thing about music, that there are so many choices. Sound is your palette. And you’re painting against a canvas of silence. It’s all about experimenting. And Ellington did that..

“One of my supporters was Percy Heath with the Modern Jazz Quartet. Every time I would see him, he would say, ‘You’re doing your own music, right? That’s important. If you don’t do your own music, nobody else is going to do it.’” tutus and dance shoes uk online. In addition to heading the Ellington program, Parker will be a special guest at the sold-out Concert Hall performance by Stanford’s “movement driven band,” The Chocolate Heads, on Friday. Parker has composed several pieces for the event. He has often collaborated with choreographers, including his wife, Patricia Nicholson..

“They put dance together the way I put music together, which is phrase by phrase. It’s like putting beads on a necklace tutus and dance shoes uk online. They’re moving through space. We’re moving sounds through space. Unlike many choreographers, Patricia allows for a lot of improvisation. And the Chocolate Heads will have a bit of improvisation. Improvisation is something you have to really work at all your life to master, so you don’t make mistakes. You do the right thing at the right time.”..

Parker relishes mentoring young musicians. “You learn a lot from the people who created the music, rather than from books about the people that created the music tutus and dance shoes uk online. A lot of these young people think, ‘Oh, Duke Ellington, Miles Davis, I can’t ever be as good as them.’ I say, ‘Why Not?’ They say, ‘Well, I’m only me. He’s Miles Davis.’ Well, Miles Davis was only Miles Davis, at one point. So a lot of the mentorship is giving them the strength to be able to go inside themselves and find the music that they’re supposed to do. And we try to get them to widen their reference points. Expanding musical boundaries is sometimes just being yourself.”..

As a performer and as a composer, Parker is very conscious of the effect his music has on the listener. “One thing the musicians have in common with the audience — we all have a heartbeat. You have to get inside their heartbeats and they become part of the band. Their contribution is feeling. They’re playing by listening. We get their energy and we become one with the audience. We’re doing the whole thing for them tutus and dance shoes uk online. We’re devoting our whole lives to music, so they can be moved..

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