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Friday night, Eigsti can expect an even greater impact when he performs his latest orchestral work, “Courage,” with the Oakland-East Bay Symphony, 65 pieces strong at the Paramount Theatre. The former prodigy from Menlo Park — mentored by Dave Brubeck starting at age 13 — is now among New York’s most talked-about jazz pianists, but he also has a booming parallel career as an orchestral composer. “When I hear the possibilities and the capabilities of a symphony orchestra, it’s something that I’m drawn to that’s far more interesting to me than just playing standards,” says Eigsti, who has toured globally with his trio and other jazz groups for years toddler boy ballet shoes uk online. “I’ve been a jazz musician for so long … . I feel that I have more to offer than just play jazz music. I have other ideas.”..

Like Brubeck — the composer of ballets, cantatas and other works for orchestra and chorus — Eigsti is an inspired striver. His professional orchestral experience began about a decade ago, when he performed with the Tassajara Symphony Orchestra in Danville. Step by step, he has advanced through better known regional orchestras: in Reno and Sacramento, on the Peninsula and now Oakland-East Bay, which commissioned his new 20-minute piece, a tribute to the people of Japan in the wake of the 2011 earthquake and tsunami toddler boy ballet shoes uk online.

More than a depiction of “rumble, rumble, sadness,” says Eigsti, who has toured Japan seven times, the piece tries to reflect “qualities of perseverance and strength and all the things I love in Japanese culture.”. In “Courage,” the orchestra hovers around Eigsti’s piano “like a halo,” says Michael Morgan, Oakland-East Bay’s conductor, who has commissioned works by dozens of composers over 22 years toddler boy ballet shoes uk online. He admires the pianist’s ability to create something that’s sophisticated and satisfying for musicians to perform, while delivering an “immediate emotional” message to the audience. And he predicts that Eigsti “will never hit the outer limits of his imagination.”..

Now based in Harlem — he lives there with his wife, Ashley Duval, an ethnobotanist and trumpeter — Eigsti views his life as “one gigantic transition, always.” He recently composed the main theme to the film “Detachment,” starring Adrien Brody. He hasn’t given up on jazz, though toddler boy ballet shoes uk online. Having learned on the bandstand from legends such as James Moody and Red Holloway, he now is among a bright new generation of players who are expanding its tradition, importing indie and hip-hop influences into jazz and confounding some of its older supporters..

Hair mussed, shirt rumpled, Eigsti talks a mile a minute in the living room of the house where he grew up in Menlo Park. In town for business — he’s on the board of the jazz radio station KCSM-FM — and an April visit with his mother, Nancy, he rose at 6 a.m. to work on his taxes. “I’ve been carrying my tax stuff around in a suitcase for months,” he says, outlining the frenetic-ness of his life toddler boy ballet shoes uk online. After their wedding in October, he and Duval honeymooned in New Zealand, hiking on glaciers. Then Eigsti took off on a musical tour of Japan, Thailand and the Philippines. Moving from hotel room to hotel room — no time for laundry; the “whole band was flipping our shirts inside out” — he squeezed in his composing work on a series of orchestral pieces, first for Palo Alto’s Peninsula Symphony (seven compositions, premiered in January) and now for Oakland East-Bay: “It always comes down to the last minute,” he says, “because I’m trying to do it on a tiny MIDI keyboard in random countries on the road.”..

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