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Just after the musical ended its run, Holland got a call from his agent, offering an audition for “The Impossible.” This time, it took Holland only four auditions to land the job. “He had this extraordinary ability to get into the emotion and portray it in a very, very easy way,” Bayona said supadance shoes ebay uk online. “The best I’d ever seen in a kid.”. To dredge up the grief and fear that Holland shows on screen, many actors think about the dark parts of their lives, Holland said. But Bayona worried that such dark thoughts about his own family, coupled with the physical intensity of the movie, would make it impossible for Holland to leave his work at work. To distract the actor, his coach Perkins would play episodes of “Friends” on a laptop to and from the set each day..

“Some of the emotions I had to go to were really dark and really deep down,” Holland said supadance shoes ebay uk online. “Sometimes, it wasn’t particularly healthy to think that about your own family.”. Instead, Bayona and Perkins fostered a relationship between Watts and Holland that mimicked mother and son, hoping Holland would attach his emotions to the character. The actors built the bond through a month of acting exercises, ranging from their first awkward sketches to minutes spent sitting in the dark, close to each other, listening to music..

The company performs “Illuminations” Jan. 11 and 12, 8 p.m. and Jan. 13, 3 p.m supadance shoes ebay uk online. at The Stage, 490 S. First St., San Jose. “‘Illuminations’ really seemed to me to be really appropriate because illumination, in terms of meaning, is shedding light on ideas or situations,” says Margaret Wingrove, founder and artistic director of the company.”When I looked at the program as a whole and the dances on it, it seemed that this was what it was doing–illuminating certain things that have lot to do with our humanity,”..

As usual, the program features a mix of premieres and works from the company’s repertoire. The latter category includes works like The Kiss, a romantic piece inspired by the passionate Auguste Rodin sculpture of the same name, and Three Loves, set to Robert Schumann’s Fantasie supadance shoes ebay uk online. The work demonstrates that not every aspect of love is always rosy. “It sheds light on three different kinds of relationships. One is ‘unrequited,’ another is ‘broken,’ and then there’s one called ‘enraptured.’ And so it really kind of illuminates those three kinds of relationships,” Wingrove says. In fact, human interaction can truly be difficult, the subject of another work from the repertoire called Off-Center, which is set to music by Samuel Barber and Irving Fine..

“It shows what happens when you’re not connected, when the dancers are more like objects to one another,” Wingrove says. “It shows a real disconnection and it’s powerful in that way–it shows how not to be.”. Wingrove collaborated with longtime company dancer Lori Seymour on a new piece called A Long Goodbye, inspired by Seymour’s caring for her mother, who has Alzheimer’s disease supadance shoes ebay uk online. “It seems to me that this happening with a lot of families throughout the country, and so it brings to light that even though this is maybe considered a dark passage, that there is a light within this that brings some kind of beauty,” Wingrove says. “That’s because people understand that every moment is precious.”..

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