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“I love to dance; it’s very relaxing. My job is pretty stressful, so this is the best therapy for me,” she notes science of pointe shoes uk online. For the uninitiated, yes, there really was a person named Arthur Murray. And exactly 100 years ago, at the age of 17, he began teaching people to dance. By 1923 Murray had opened his first studio, on 43rd Street in New York. His popularity and fame grew rapidly and steadily, especially in the years following World War II when interest in Latin dance skyrocketed. Murray and his wife, Kathryn, then took to the fledgling medium of television with Arthur Murray’s Dance Party, which ran for a decade on all of the “big three” networks..

Today, 250 Arthur Murray studios are flourishing in 13 different countries, and Arthur Murray instructors can be seen everywhere on TV, from Good Morning America to Dancing with the Stars. The latter program, in fact, has been responsible for a mini-resurgence in dancing, says Juan de Dios, co-owner (with wife Cari Jo Garcia) of the two South Bay studios. “When the show went on the air, we started getting more calls,” he confirms. “But more importantly, it helped bring ballroom dancing to the forefront science of pointe shoes uk online. People used to think, ‘Oh, that’s something my parents do.’ Now they’re thinking, ‘That’s something I can do.’ “..

Adds Garcia, “And everyone’s wishing they’d done it sooner!”. Attired, respectively, in a three-piece suit and tie, and a twirly dress and heels, de Dios and Garcia move with the easy grace of the lifelong dance professionals they are. Both natives of Southern California, the pair met at a training class for new Arthur Murray instructors. De Dios had grown up on hip-hop and Spanish folk dances. But that all changed when he got his first look at ballroom. “I saw how fun it was science of pointe shoes uk online. But I also saw that the cool guys were swing dancing and doing other ballroom steps with really good looking women … so I decided I needed to learn how to do that,” de Dios laughs..

Garcia had been a dance major at Long Beach State University, studying jazz, ballet and every other discipline she could. “I’d always taught dance,” she says. “But then I got into ballroom, and decided I’d change direction a bit.” science of pointe shoes uk online. The couple taught together in San Jose for nearly 15 years, and then purchased the San Jose franchise after the former owner retired. When the former tanning salon site in Kings Court became available, they acquired that property as well, transforming it into a nearly 3,000-square-foot, mirror-lined space. Between the two studios, the pair now teaches six nights per week..

Those who are interested in learning to dance are first offered a complimentary private lesson. Then de Dios and Garcia determine which dances the new student wishes to focus on and design a syllabus that includes private lessons, group lessons and twice weekly “dance parties.” science of pointe shoes uk online. “We work primarily with pri-vate lessons, so we’re working one on one with our students all the time,” Garcia explains. “In the private lessons we try to make students feel comfortable and good about dancing. And then the group lessons are open to everyone who’s at that level. That’s where students meet other people, they get used to the feeling of leading and following, and they experience all different types of dances.”..

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