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In 1982, that orchestra folded, and Klein moved back to the Bay Area. In 1983, Whaley won her very first orchestral audition — with the San Jose Symphony. In the years since, she has freelanced with nearly every orchestra between Santa Rosa and Modesto, where she is principal viola with the Modesto Symphony requirements for pointe shoes uk online. (She is also a member of the Oakland East Bay Symphony.) Meanwhile, Klein’s guest conducting career — from Monte Carlo to Seattle — has been a busy one. And now, let’s fast-forward to this weekend and Mozart’s Sinfonia concertante..

“The one musical advisor I really trust is Patti,” says Klein. “If I’m looking at a score and trying to figure out whatever it is I’m trying to create in a particular passage, I will always ask her about bowing issues, about articulation issues, about phrasing issues. “With the concertante,” Whaley rejoins, “I’ll say to Mitch, ‘Here are two ways I’m thinking of doing this. Which way gets me to the peak of intensity at the correct point in the passage?’ And as a string player, Mitch will know requirements for pointe shoes uk online.

“We are so looking forward to these performances,” she continues. “It’s 12 years since we last got to do this as soloist and conductor.” And the concertante, says Whaley, is “the most glorious music. It’s the one opportunity that a violist has to play Mozart in a concerto setting requirements for pointe shoes uk online. I’ve adored it ever since I first became acquainted with it, a long time ago in school. And I particularly relate to the second movement where Mozart is operating very much in his operatic style..

“Last spring, one of the things we did,” she says, “was go to iTunes and purchase a number of performances, just to get a sense of what other musicians we admire have long done with the piece. So we put them on iPods and listened to them on airplanes and car trips and throughout the trips we’d say to each other….” requirements for pointe shoes uk online. “Oh,” Klein cuts in, remembering one such conversation, “we don’t want to do it like that.”. “Or,” Whaley says, “ooh! Let’s do it like this.”..

There have been living room run-throughs with violinist Mayforth, and excitement is running high: “There will be some glances back and forth on stage that only the two of us will quite know about,” predicts Klein requirements for pointe shoes uk online. “It’s just very highly charged and very special and we’ll have lots of family and friends there,” including their daughter.”. Whaley says, “It’s going to be a wonderful feeling to be out there on stage with the person who knows me as a musician better than anyone else in the world — who knows me better than anyone else in the world. There’s a level of desire to support each other because we have this deep and longstanding personal connection.”..

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