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Salonen isn’t Bernstein, either — he’s a bit icy, and even I wanted to mime drinking champagne from an imaginary glass, pinky extended, when I heard him describe himself as the conductor of the “Phil-har-MOANNN-ia” during a promotional video. But in The Orchestra all of that superficial stuff matters not at all. His commentary comes tied to the music and the visuals ray rose dance shoes uk online. Sometimes it’s not even necessary for the conductor-composer, insightful as he is, to say much. (“There’s a lot happening in this score,” Salonen offers at one point, during some extravagantly virtuoso playing of the Stravinsky. Well, yes!)..

The only downside, so far, is that because iPad apps are limited to sizes of 2 gigs and under, most of the pieces are delivered as fragments; only Debussy’s short masterpiece Prélude à l’après-midi d’un Faune is played in its entirety ray rose dance shoes uk online. But the smashing success of The Orchestra in its debut form argues for future iterations — or even a subscription model — not least because the revelation here is how well partnered old-fashioned orchestral music can be with the requirements of modern, information-overload-style entertainment..

Best of all, The Orchestra is no techno-utopian attempt to do away with the concert hall. Rather, it’s an invitation for new listeners to get comfortable with the density of informational delight that can be had there ray rose dance shoes uk online. Salonen and his Philharmonia have also been making that case on tour of late; I recently had a great evening at Lincoln Center when checking out their rigorously edgy performance of Alban Berg’s opera Wozzeck. The live orchestra experience is always going to be the ideal for wallop and immersive pleasure. But until these musicians come around to your town, consider dropping $14 to meet them in app form. Think of The Orchestra, and the wave of symphony apps that ought to follow in its wake, the way you once did of “albums” — as exquisitely good advertisements for a product that still manages to best your expectations once you travel to get it in the real world..

According to a staff memo, the city this week awarded $4,500 in grants to help subsidize five events at the state-of-the-art facility next year — $1,000 each to the Menlo Park Chorus, Western Ballet, West Bay Opera and Kepler’s Books, and $500 to the Menlowe Ballet. Getting events booked for the 492-seat theater has been a challenge, according to the memo, mainly because of the staff costs involved, including $25 per hour for a theater manager and $55 per hour for custodial service ray rose dance shoes uk online. “The original vision for the City’s use of the PAC (Performing Arts Center) included events such as lecture series, city program recitals, youth sports education workshops, gymnastics demonstrations and theater camps,” the memo states. “However many of these types of events were quickly deemed unfeasible once the building was finalized and the direct costs for using the facility were realized.”..

Since the theater opened in fall 2009, the city has used it only 11 times each in 2010 and 2011 and 36 times this year, Matt Milde, Menlo Park’s recreation coordinator, said in a phone interview Friday. The city hopes more organizations will sign up to use the performing arts space with grants helping to defray the costs, he said ray rose dance shoes uk online. José Luis Moscovich, general director of Palo Alto-based West Bay Opera, said the $1,000 grant will help the 57-year-old organization grow its audience. It has used the Lucie Stern Community Theatre in Palo Alto for decades and now is scheduled for a gala performance in June at the Menlo-Atherton theater..

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