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“Finally the ice will be broken!” Gil exclaimed, tears in her eyes. “Elvis is going to come. His family, his friends and above all my granddaughter Sydney will receive him with open arms.”. Defection is a highly sensitive topic on the island, and has splintered families for years and even decades pointe shoes near me uk online. The names of baseball players who defect suddenly disappear from newspapers. Except for gossip on the streets about their Major League exploits, it’s almost as if they never existed..

Friday night at the Dean Lesher Center for the Arts in Walnut Creek that question hounded Diablo Ballet’s opening program of its 2012-13 season pointe shoes near me uk online. In an evening filled with talented and passionate dancers, the company mounted work that ranged from the sublime to the ridiculous. Dance has endured, but the issues of legacy and revitalization haven’t gone away. The production of “The Moor’s Pavane” threw the problem into sharp relief. The late Jose Limon’s almost Kabuki-like depiction of the Othello story is a masterpiece of modern dance from 1949 and Diablo Ballet brought it to life with stunning depth. But the dizzy premieres bookending “Moor” seemed to have been intended for another program or a different company altogether..

In “Moor,” two couples, Othello and Desdemona (The Moor and The Moor’s Wife), Iago and Emilia (His Friend and His Friend’s Wife), perform a taut, elegantly formulated web of decorum, corruption and desire costumed in sumptuous Renaissance garb. Every step, each gesture and every foot of stage space seem sculpted with narrative, holding visual and metaphysical importance and shaped by a fate that is still en route. The stately music by 17th-century composer Henry Purcell only ratchets up dramatic tension pointe shoes near me uk online.

It was thrilling to watch how Robert Dekkers as the calculating and homoerotic Iago performed with some of the same slithery elegance that dancer Lucas Hoving brought to the role he originated in 1949, and how Derek Sakakura embodied the credulous Othello with power if not quite the willfulness of Jose Limon pointe shoes near me uk online. Maria Basile was a nuanced Emilia; and Desdemona, Othello’s wife, was captured by Heather Cooper with the soft innocence that makes her the prey in a quiet, evil conspiracy. Both women are on loan from sjDANCEco..

Although more than 60 years old, “The Moor’s Pavane” is timeless as well as timely in its account of how politics, power and sex lace together to cause tragedy. Its ability to communicate something complex with compressed simplicity is a supreme example of the power of dance. By contrast, Vicente Nebrada’s premiere of “Lento a Tempo e Appassionato,” which opened the program, was a demonstration of dance as a series of well-executed athletic tricks meant to denote passion pointe shoes near me uk online. The program closer, the premiere of “A Swingin’ Holiday” by Sean Kelly, with the Diablo Ballet Swing Orchestra in the pit, showed the desperation of an art form that returns to the Lindy, zoot suits and mashups of Christmas music with almost zombielike insistence..

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