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Carly said she’s grateful for the life skills she’s learned from producing a show pointe shoes buy uk online. “This entire experience has really opened my eyes to how much planning goes into putting a show together,” she said. “It helped to be behind the scenes to see what I can do as a performer to make the show the best it can be when I am in front of the curtain,” she said. “Overall it helped me to understand time management and it taught me to use my resources, such as my dance teachers, parents and fellow performers.”..

Her favorite dance to choreograph was “Clap it Up,” a hip hop dance, Carly said. “It is high energy and all of the girls have fun doing it,” Carly said pointe shoes buy uk online. “Overall, I enjoyed the dances Erica and I choreographed together more because it was fun to work together to create our own show.”. The public will gain awareness of kidney failure and how to help fight it, thanks to the show, Erica said. “Also, I think the public will be amazed of how talented the teenagers in their community really are,” Erica said..

Court has known Carly’s father Jim Cannata for several years, as a percussion teacher at the Shadelands Art Center. Through him, she met his wife and two children, she said. “This is such a lovely family. All of them are musically talented,” Court said pointe shoes buy uk online. “After Carly’s mom was diagnosed with cancer, the whole family just faced it head on with faith and love. Their positive attitude has been an inspiration to me and I’m sure to others who know them. I admire Carly for wanting to give back to DaVita and the American Kidney Fund for helping her mother with her kidney failure and I’m honored to be part of that process.”..

That overhead projection, showing Beethoven’s hand-penned score of 1806, with all its spirited cross-outs, erasures, revisions and refinements, will be beamed to the audience from the MacBook of first violinist Nicholas Kitchen. He downloaded it from a vast online archive of free editions in the public domain — and voilà pointe shoes buy uk online. “It’s as close as you can get to the object as it was created — recaptured through technology, almost archaeologically,” he says. Plus, there’s something about the interactivity of the digitally beamed performance: “When you see the notes go up (vertically), you’ll hear them go up (in pitch). When you hear them go down, you’ll see them go down. Many people who don’t read music, they say, ‘Wow, I can really sort of follow it.’ It’s exciting for them.”..

Surprise. Digital technology has established a foothold in classical music and now is transforming performance practices and modes of presentation. Just have a look at the weekend activities of the Borromeo, a renowned group based in Boston since the late ’80s. There’s Friday’s program in Los Gatos and Sunday’s in Burlingame, each featuring the interactive presentation of Beethoven’s String Quartet No pointe shoes buy uk online. 9, Op. 59, No. 3. Otherwise known as the third “Razumovsky” quartet, it’s a masterpiece from the composer’s middle period. Playing straight off a replica of the autograph (handwritten and signed) score is “like feeding off Beethoven, directly, going back 200 years,” says Kitchen, the group’s digital guru and gadget guy..

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