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“My dad taught me and all my brothers and my sister to play the piano, and we went to church a lot. I grew up singing in choirs in school,” he says. “Lincoln, actually, is where I got the theater bug.”. Lincoln is a performing arts magnet school, and Pew took full advantage of what the school had to offer, taking part in choir, band, theater and dance pointe shoe hardener uk online. He also performed in a production of Oliver! at Children’s Musical Theater of San Jose. He graduated from Lincoln in 2003..

Some of Pew’s favorite roles so far have included Marty in Sunset Boulevard, Billy in 42nd Street, which he’s slated to play again this summer, and an appearance in The Radio City Christmas Spectacular, which featured the Rockettes pointe shoe hardener uk online. Also, he has enjoyed performing in three different productions of A Chorus Line. His most recent work in the show was as the character Don in a production at New Jersey’s Papermill Playhouse. “A cool little role–got written up in the New York Times. That was pretty sweet,” Pew says..

He has been touring with Billy Elliot for a year and a half, and performs in the ensemble. He also covers for the part of Tony, Billy’s older brother. Local audiences can catch Pew in the role of Tony on May 9 and in the May 11 matinee. Tony, who is in his early 20s, is deeply involved in the miners’ strike pointe shoe hardener uk online. He ends up squaring off against his father over who’s in charge of the family. One of the challenges of the character–in addition to learning the “Geordie” accent of Northern England–was keeping Tony’s anger at just the right level. “One of the struggles for me was tapping into that intensity and anger, but also not letting that rule the whole feeling of the scene,” Pew says..

“It’s a really awesome role to play, because I wouldn’t say that I’ve had as intense battle with my dad growing up, but of course there are some times as a teenager when you start to feel a little bit of that struggle where you’re stepping into your own manhood.”. The show’s setting has become quite timely following the recent death of former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher, whose policies precipitated the 1984 miners’ strike and who is still reviled for her handling of the ensuing riots. Pew recalls that directly after Thatcher’s death, it seemed a bit awkward to be performing a song with the lyric, “Merry Christmas, Maggie Thatcher, we all celebrate today because it’s one day closer to your death,” but he points out the show is “a very honest depiction of what that part of the world was like during 1984.” pointe shoe hardener uk online.

When he has the chance to play Tony, one of Pew’s favorite aspects is the gory makeup he gets to wear–after a riot, Tony is bloodied, and Pew says the makeup is quite convincing. While the makeup is just pretend, the history behind the show is real, and so, in a way, is the inspiration in Billy’s determination to pursue ballet. “It’s such a moving story pointe shoe hardener uk online. It’s not your traditional musical,” Pew says. “It’s a really moving, deep piece of theater that I think people from all walks of life can relate to and draw experience from.”..

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