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“The Russian dancers do have stronger, more identifiable feelings for that work and Pushkin’s writing, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be transferred,” Tomasson says. “The story is so human, so timeless. The company will rise to the challenge. They’ll learn and grow. I have full confidence that they will tackle this.” pointe ballet shoes for beginners uk online. Details: Friday-Feb. 3, War Memorial Opera House, 301 Van Ness Ave., San Francisco, $48-$285, 415-865-2000, www.sfballet.org. Smuin’s work makes up the bulk of the company’s winter/fall season program, including his Argentine fantasia “Tango Palace,” the steamy pas de deux “The Eternal Idol” and his masterly, uncharacteristically somber “Stabat Mater,” which he created in the wake of the Sept. 11 attacks. In many ways, “Dear Miss Cline” represents Seiwert coming to terms with Smuin’s influence. Known for her rigorously abstract choreography, she has found that narrative offers its own rewards..

“My work is not usually narrative, but this is definitely about the women and their stories,” Seiwert says pointe ballet shoes for beginners uk online. “One of the first where all the men’s costumes come out of thrift stores. I tried not to Mickey Mouse the words, but to find the essence of what she’s singing about. I want to explore narrative more. It’s pretty exciting. It’s not a way I thought I would be going, but I’m finding that the water’s warm over there, and I can go there, too.”..

Anderson was undaunted by the competition and, after a career with the New York City Ballet, put away his ballet slippers and returned home to inject a contemporary slant into the chamber ballet form. Now, after a decade, Company C appears to be holding steady. This weekend, the troupe performs in Castro Valley, then moves on to San Francisco in February, where it celebrates its 10th anniversary. That alone is a triumph. The difficulties of corralling the best repertoire and most versatile dancers — always tough for chamber groups — are amplified in dour economic times pointe ballet shoes for beginners uk online. It was a fact made clear in the company’s run this past weekend at the Lesher Center in Walnut Creek..

Featuring four works by a quartet of male choreographers, the program underlined the aesthetic variety of today’s genre of contemporary ballet, now a container so broad that almost any work that uses ballet-trained bodies can be included in the category. However, it also revealed how easily a chamber company’s purpose turns muddy pointe ballet shoes for beginners uk online. With the troupe short of star power, opaque work is harder to transcend than it is for large ballet companies, where the massive scale of large theaters, expensive sets and live music can make up for humdrum dances..

At the strong end of the Contemporary C lineup was David Grenke’s seamlessly crafted “Vespers,” a wry solo as pas de deux that was part gothic comedy, and part lover’s sad homage. It was executed with clockwork precision and acrobatic fluidity; Jackie McConnell seemed at once alive and dead as a rag doll as Oliver Freeston manipulated her from supine to sitting to standing to bending to almost dancing, ending exactly where they began — on the floor pointe ballet shoes for beginners uk online. Set to the whiskey-soaked “Tom Traubert’s Blues” by Tom Waits, “Vespers” by this former Paul Taylor dancer is a modern-day version of the old Irish habit of “waking” the dead by dancing with the lifeless body. It’s doubtful, though, that a wake was ever so funny or quite so touching..

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