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Another highlight comes on the afternoon of June 10 at the Asian Art Museum with Korean dance master Il Hyun Kim performing a Shamanic dance linked to a piece by artist Sun K. Kwak that explores the spiritual and cosmological themes of the museum’s “Phantoms of Asia” exhibition. And on Saturday, June 16, the festival takes up residence at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts’ Novellus Theater for the rest of its run. “The thing that’s so unique about the festival is that all the people who participate are from this region,” says Carvajal, who helped spark the Bay Area’s flourishing dance scene in the 1970s with his company Spectrum repetto leopard ballet flats uk online. “At the international festivals I used to attend when I was performing in Europe, the companies all came from other countries. But this region draws masters from all over the world, and they set up companies and start teaching. The festival showcases what an amazing treasure our scene is here.”..

In addition to performances, the festival presents a series of artist dialogues starting Sunday with the founder and director of the eponymous Lily Cai Chinese Dance Company, who talks about her career and creative process at the Fort Mason Center Firehouse. And June 9 at the de Young Museum, belly dance innovator and entrepreneur Carolena Nericcio, who is at the center of a dance and craft empire, talks about creating her American Tribal Style Belly Dance. For Mushet, both Cai and Nericcio represent the ways in which the Ethnic Dance Festival captures the deeply American thread linking the various traditions on stage repetto leopard ballet flats uk online.

“People think these are traditions frozen in time from another place,” Mushet says. “But these are innovative artists claiming these traditions, and if you really look, there’s something very different about the forms they’re exploring. Dance is really alive right now.” repetto leopard ballet flats uk online. For festival information see For Fort Mason events, tickets are available at or 415-345-7575; for Asian Art Museum events, tickets are available at or 415-581-3500; and Novellus Theater events tickets are at or 415-978-2787..

Some competition-reality shows tweak their formats from time to time. But SYTYCD is taking the format for the live shows and turning it on its head. There will still be dancers dancing, judges judging, and strange personalities and dance styles on display. And host Cat Deeley will be doing what she does best — trying to help the dancers feel confident and relaxed while charming the heck out of everyone in sight. However, after Fox cut SYTYCD’s two shows per week to only one, changes had to be made repetto leopard ballet flats uk online. Nigel Lythgoe, co-creator and head judge who executive-produces and directs the program, announced that when the live shows begin, both the results and the performances will be packed into one two-hour show each week. The judges will combine how each contestant performed the previous week, how they danced that night and how the viewers voted, and then decide who will be eliminated..

And instead of one champion at the end of the season, there will be two — the top female and the top male. This format is certain to amp-up the competition more than ever before repetto leopard ballet flats uk online. But Thursday was about the auditions — contestants who fail go home; those who succeed get a ticket to the next level in Las Vegas; and if the judges are undecided, it’s wait until the end of the day and attempt to learn some choreography. Up first were the men and women in New York vying for that ticket to Sin City, where things really get intense. The judges were Nigel; ballroom dancer/choreographer Mary Murphy, whose screams are known to shatter glass; and Broadway choreographer Tyce DiOrio..

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After “Nixon,” Adams, Goodman and Sellars created “The Death of Klinghoffer,” their 1991 opera about the terrorist hijacking of the Achille Lauro cruise ship cardana dance shoes uk online. In 2005, Adams and director/librettist Sellars brought forth “Doctor Atomic,” about physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer and the making of the A-bomb. Thursday, yet another Adams-Sellars collaboration debuts at the Los Angeles Philharmonic: “The Gospel of the Other Mary” is “virtually an opera,” Adams says, in that “it mixes the Passion story with writings by Dorothy Day, the mid-20th century Catholic socialist.”..

“If we set anything in motion with ‘Nixon in China,’ ” Adams reflects, “it was the idea that opera could be about our lives and that it could address very, very large issues of what one might call our collective experience, whether it’s the atomic bomb or terrorism or the clash between political ideologies cardana dance shoes uk online. “I’m drawn to opera, because it is such a large canvas, and I think that themes deep in the psyche of a nation can be addressed in a way that no other art form can quite do it. … And if it’s done well, which is rarely, it has the potential of raising the imaginative realm to a very high level.”..

Last year, the cornucopian event showcasing a global array of dance traditions made its first foray to the East Bay, holding auditions and presenting a major part of the festival at UC Berkeley’s Zellerbach Auditorium. “Our relationship with Zellerbach isn’t coming to an end; it’s just on a hiatus,” says Julie Mushet, executive director of World Arts West, the organization that produces the festival. “We were not able to get any dates for auditions in January or for presenting in June. It was a great venue for the festival, and it was heartbreaking not to go back, but we’ve already secured audition dates for next year.” cardana dance shoes uk online.

Traditionally, the auditions, which are open to the public, are almost as important as the festival itself, providing scores of Northern California dance companies a chance to shine in front of audiences outside of their communities. The lack of a large theater in which to hold auditions turned this year’s program into something of an Ethnic Dance Festival greatest hits compilation. Instead of a panel of experts selecting companies competing for spots, the program was assembled based on past festival performances, curated by Ghanaian-born UC Berkeley music professor, drummer and choreographer CK Ladzekpo, who with his brothers pioneered the teaching of West African dance in the United States, and esteemed ballet dancer and choreographer Carlos Carvajal, a strong supporter of the festival since its inception cardana dance shoes uk online.

“We don’t like the idea of curating ourselves,” Carvajal says. “We like the audition process, where there’s a panel of eight or nine experts in the various traditions, and we form our programs from a list of their favorites. But this time we were working from our best instincts cardana dance shoes uk online. It’s like being offered a candy store with the best delights in the world, and you can only choose a few.”. The festival opens Saturday at Cowell Theater with the world premiere of “Bayangan Jiwa,” a collaboration between Berkeley’s Gamelan Sekar Jaya, the most acclaimed gamelan ensemble outside of Indonesia, and San Jose’s Sundanese gamelan company Pusaka Sunda. Created and directed by I Dewa Putu Berata and Emiko Saraswati Susilo, the evening-length production explores a tale from the Ramayana in which the demon king of Alengka, Rahwana, imprisons Prince Rama’s wife, Sita, and tries to persuade her to become his bride. It combines Balinese dance with shadow-light technology and the mesmerizing, intricately interlocking sounds of metallophones, gongs and seven-toned flutes, the traditional instruments of gamelan..

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Speaking by phone from a Sonoma getaway, Adams, who lives in Berkeley, breaks into laughter, thinking about its humor: “The idea of this president coming off the plane, and while he’s still shaking hands with all these dignitaries, he’s looking straight in the camera and saying, ‘Look how great I am, I’m like an Apollo astronaut, landing on the moon.’ “. The late president really did make such a comparison pebble dance pointe shoe covers uk online. But Adams isn’t a mere Nixon basher: “He always was a complicated figure, and he never was a likable figure..

“I don’t think even the people who voted for him particularly liked him. But there was this strange brew of poignancy and sentimentality, and a capacity for truly malevolent behavior — the enemies list and the horrible things that were on those tapes. … He was a wonderful topic for a composer pebble dance pointe shoe covers uk online. We as dramatic composers, we want our characters to have the capacity to be noble, as well as wicked and paranoid and ridiculous.”. In “Nixon in China,” Adams — who created the opera at the invitation of Peter Sellars, its original director, as well as with poet/librettist Alice Goodman — tried to evoke “a mythic archetype” of the president, as he puts it. “I think the presidency and politics are really very much at the core of American consciousness,” he says, noting that “there’s drama and enormous potential for philosophical reflection, like Shakespeare found in the stories of the English kings.”..

The opera proceeds in three acts. We see Nixon’s arrival with wife Pat Nixon and National Security Adviser Henry Kissinger. The American power brokers sit and debate with their Communist hosts, Chou and Chairman Mao Tse-tung, who sings that “our plunge/Into the New York Stock Exchange/Will line some pockets.” (Goodman was prescient.). The opera’s last act finds the principals lost in their refracted memories, at times expressing remorse over their lives or just wondering — as in Chou’s final tender aria — what it all had meant pebble dance pointe shoe covers uk online.

David Gockley, San Francisco Opera’s general director (and the man who brought “Nixon” to Houston in 1987) labels it “Adam’s greatest work … calling forth his best operatic music.” He still is amused that “these bohemian artists” — Adams, Sellars and Goodman — “should lionize Richard Nixon; it was strange and unexpected pebble dance pointe shoe covers uk online. Nixon comes off with quirks, God knows. But he also comes off with a vision.”. Michael Cavanagh, who directs the production, describes “Nixon in China” as “very much where documentary meets poetry.” He calls it “the superb musical realization of big ideas,” translated through the score’s “fantastic meter, its relentless quality, its repetition and its symmetry,” all underscoring the narrative while making “leaps into the surreal. It just got everything right.”..

Slammed by many critics when it debuted, ”Nixon” finds Adams painting with a wide palette. There’s an abundance of minimalism; Adams acknowledges his debt to Philip Glass’ “Satyagraha.”. But the score also grows as ripe as Richard Strauss and alludes to Wagner’s “Ring” Cycle — not to mention saxophone-heavy big bands and, in the vocal riffing of Mao’s translators, funky echoes of James Brown. “I didn’t know what I was doing, in a lot of ways,” he says. But, for one thing, he was inspired by Goodman’s libretto, for which he found renewed appreciation last year, while conducting “Nixon” at the Metropolitan Opera: “I think it’s just fantastic pebble dance pointe shoe covers uk online. Alice caught the tone of the Chinese and the official Communist utterances. She caught the Middle-American tone of the U.S. politicians.”..

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The fall, during which Fogarty touches down for mere seconds, is lost in the judges’ responses to her expressive dancing. Miko’s mother Satoko Fogarty, a former professional pianist whose on-camera ministrations may come across as overbearing but loving, has stayed out of the room, but enters to show the evaluations. “The film portrayed me like a stage mom or a Tiger Mom, but all the moms with kids that age are helping. Now, I’m more hands off,” she says. “Still, we are in the middle of a process; placement is not important. The period from scratch to being ready to dance artistically is practice for the future. I want her to dance her best, that’s all I care about.” sansha demi pointe shoes uk online.

Miko insists her friendships have not changed with the increased notoriety. “None of my friends treat me differently sansha demi pointe shoes uk online. I just want them to be there if I need to talk or if I want to have a sleepover,” she says. “My ballet friends act the same, but people who only know me from ‘First Position’ are more like fans. They respect me, but I just feel like they’re similar to me because they also dance.”. Increasingly, Miko’s thoughts leap beyond the Grand Prix competition and the documentary to the grandest prize — a career as a professional ballet dancer..

Mosher said some members of the detail didn’t know they were heading to Silicon Valley directly from an earlier stop and needed sartorial help. One bought a tie, and another a wallet. I’m glad that Mosher, who’s had a store downtown for more than 55 years, was around so they had somewhere to shop. And, let’s face it, Secret Service agents have been caught buying worse things than ties lately. At 2 p.m., the younger students in the open division will perform the Rawson piece, and the students in the professional division will showcase both pieces at 4 p.m. Tickets are available by calling 408-288-2800 or going to sansha demi pointe shoes uk online.

Standing high above the stage — in the hatchway of a replica of the Spirit of ’76, the presidential jet — was American baritone Brian Mulligan, in the role of President Richard M. Nixon, who arrived in Beijing on Feb. 21, 1972, and set the world’s political order spinning sansha demi pointe shoes uk online. With huffing importance — all these years later, that bearing was oh-so-familiar — he descended the stairway toward the mock tarmac, to be greeted by Chinese baritone Chen Ye-Yuan, who sings the role of Chinese Prime Minister Chou En-lai in San Francisco Opera’s first-ever production of “Nixon,” opening June 8..

The two men locked hands — replicating a history-changing handshake — and, before you knew it, Mulligan/Nixon had swerved straight toward a film crew. “News! News! News!” he sang in staccato bursts, recalling the clipped cadence of the late president’s speaking style. “News has a kind of mystery!” he sang, noting that he and Chou had just “made history!” sansha demi pointe shoes uk online. After more than 40 years of active composing — and 25 years after “Nixon” debuted at Houston Grand Opera, provoking a wave of so-called “CNN operas” inspired by contemporary events — Adams, 65, counts the “news aria” as a favorite moment in his vast oeuvre..

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ORINDA — Fourteen-year old Miko Fogarty is delighted to be one of six rising ballet stars featured in the Sundance Selects documentary “First Position,” now playing in theaters in the Bay Area and throughout the country. “To be in a film, to have cameras following you around is cool,” she begins, before applying the breaks exclusive dance shoes uk online. “Except when they get too close, but Bess did a good job of giving us our space before we danced.”. Bess Kargman, the film’s producer/director, avoids crowding the young dancers vying for medals in the 2010 Youth America Grand Prix competition around which their stories turn. The first-time director captures their commitment in intimate, searing portrayals that do not hide her subjects’ bloody toes, extreme stretching or relentless coaching. Kargman’s deft hand as a filmmaker, however, shows in that “First Position” grounds itself not in pain but in the sheer joy these dancers experience whenever they are in motion..

Two years after filming began, Miko is a slightly taller, still-blade-thin version of the 11-year-old dynamo who won a bronze metal at Grand Prix. Since 2010, she has earned scholarship offers from prestigious ballet academies like American Ballet Theatre, New England’s Rock School, the Bolshoi Academy and the Princess Grace Academy in Monaco exclusive dance shoes uk online. “Dance is my life,” she says, offering a simple explanation for why she has given up regular school (she attends school online), skating, skiing and running (they build the wrong muscles and are dangerous) and Tako Yaki (a fried bowl of flour and eggs with octopus inside of it)..

“It has mayo on it and tastes really good,” she points out. Instead, Miko sticks to healthy foods and consumes a ritual banana just before each competition. If she weren’t dancing, she’d eat Milky Way bars and oily Chinese food, she confides, but she’s not complaining. “I get so many experiences. I get to dance at huge amazing places like Lincoln Center in New York — and meet famous people like dancers in big companies,” she exclaims exclusive dance shoes uk online. Miko has turned down full scholarship offers each year, preferring to continue studying with her coach, Viktor Kabaniaev, who also appears in the film. Kabaniev recently saw the movie and said he laughed a lot and thought Kargman “did great job,” a phrase he uses, sparingly, with Fogarty..

“I try to be very honest, not only with kids, but also with their parents,” he says, adding that he has no dreams for Miko other than that she is happy and avoids becoming overconfident too early in her training. With four hours or more of classes daily, private lessons, Pilates and work with a stretch trainer, improvement is always on her mind exclusive dance shoes uk online. “I have to keep my turns working; my jumps land hard, so I need to slow those down; and my balance, I try to work on that whenever I have time. Then there’s extension, so I keep stretching,” she says..

This, from a girl who can easily split her legs beyond 180 degrees while doing a grand jeté (a long horizontal jump) and rest, while perching on the toes of one foot and bending her torso in half to meet her arabesque leg — which rises behind her like so much origami. The film, she insists, is an honor, but a small blip on her dance horizon. “I’m really happy she made me seem like me in the film,” Fogarty says. “I thought it looked really good. Even after I fell, I wasn’t freaked out exclusive dance shoes uk online. I blamed the floor because it was slippery.”..

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The June 5 event will run from 7:30 to 9 p.m. in the Oak Room of the Walnut Creek Library, 1644 N. Broadway. The free presentation is part of the Library Foundation’s speaker series “Live! from the Library.”. Ambrose Bierce (1842-1913) was branded a misanthrope. For more than 25 years, Bierce worked as a newspaperman in San Francisco. According to Schneider, “As a satirist, Bierce was misunderstood. He claimed that satire never thrived in this country because ‘the soul of it is wit, wherein we are dolefully deficient.’” how to store pointe shoes uk online.

Bierce was famous for his “Devil’s Dictionary,” but more famous for disappearing in Mexico in 1913, after saying he was going to fight alongside Pancho Villa how to store pointe shoes uk online. The event is free, but attendees must register to reserve a seat at The gallery is also hosting a free reception, Saturday May 19 from 2 to 4 p.m. with wine, hors d’oeuvres and live music. For more information call 925-284-2788, or go to The pieces on display will be by the 24 gallery members, and will be for sale..

The show will be free, and will be held at the gallery, 50 Lafayette Circle. Also, the Lafayette Sculpture Garden is now open for the summer how to store pointe shoes uk online. The Sculpture Garden is unique in the Bay Area, filled with works that vary from the whimsical to the earthy to the elegant, all in a gorgeous outdoor setting. The gallery is open from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. For more information, call 925-284-2788, or go to It’s a time-tested classic in which renowned linguist Henry Higgins makes a wager that he can transform young Eliza into a sophisticated lady..

The Sunday June 10 performance begins at 2 p.m.; the other seven shows begin at 8 p.m., all at the Town Hall Theatre, 3535 School St. at Moraga Road in Lafayette how to store pointe shoes uk online. Tickets are $12.50 to $26.50; go to to order. The show is set to run June 6-Aug. 18, with an opening reception Saturday, June 16 from 3 to 5 p.m. at the gallery, 522 Center St. in the Rheem Shopping Center. Beck, of Lafayette, will show close-ups of the natural world, including intricate details of flowers, insects and birds..

Lindsay has been creating handblown glass in Benicia for over 35 years. He draws inspiration from natural surroundings, such as the sea, trees, flowers and the desert. For more information, visit or call 925-376-5407 how to store pointe shoes uk online. The show will run through June 2. Ruble, a Moraga resident for 15 years, joined the Moraga Gallery in June 2010. She learned her oil painting techniques from several well known painters in the greater Bay Area, including Sue Barclay, Betty Fontes and Mark Jezierny..

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Q How old were you when you started studying voice seriously? baby ballet slippers uk online. A When I was 12 years old, my parents allowed me to start taking voice lessons. I had wanted to study seriously from the age of 8, but my mother was concerned that I might damage my voice if I started studying voice too soon. Now, I really understand her decision. Q What surprised you about learning to sing, rather than just singing without training?. A Singing is so technical! My voice teacher, Debra Lambert at Notre Dame de Namur University, and I have the most complicated conversations about vowels, breathing, placement, support, intention, and pronunciation of Italian, German, French and even sometimes English lyrics. I’m really lucky to learn from such an incredibly talented and experienced woman who can guide me through all the technical aspects of singing. I have always sung from my heart, but with classical training, my voice has grown so that I can more fully express each song’s story. Now, I can hit super-high notes with precision and have a larger, fuller sound throughout my range..

Q What’s something you’ve learned about singing and performing that people might find surprising?. A So much of singing is about breath. What comes right before an amazing note or phrase is just as important as what happens during or after. Q What are your post-high-school plans?. A I know, no matter what happens, I’m going to keep performing. Singing, acting and dancing bring me immeasurable joy. I’m considering both colleges and conservatories as I think about the next four years in my life baby ballet slippers uk online.

On May 30, students under 7 years of age will perform a variety of short dances, with a sneak preview of the dances from “Don Quixote” performed by the Professional Intermediate/Advanced Program (PIP) directed by Rebecca Crowell Berke. Set in the streets of Spain, the classical ballet — considered one of the most technically demanding dances — is part of the joint Spring Dance Concert baby ballet slippers uk online. A highlight of the June 1 performance will be a number from “Harry Potter,” choreographed by Diablo Ballet instructor Erin Leedom. A former principal dancer with Oakland Ballet and Ballet West, Erin trained at the American Ballet Theatre and the Joffrey Ballet in New York as well as the San Francisco Ballet..

The performance begins at 7 p.m. Tickets are $10; for more information, call 925-943-5846. Members of the Contra Costa Performing Arts Society will perform standards from the Great American Songbook, plus original jazz compositions. For more information, go to The garden’s famous collection of rare and beautiful succulents features sculptures by artists from all over the West Coast, and they will be part of the region’s largest juried outdoor sculpture exhibit. A preview party is set for Friday, June 15 from 5:30 to 8 p.m. at the garden baby ballet slippers uk online. A $75 fee includes food, beverage and admission during opening weekend, when the exhibition will be unveiled and the artists will be on hand..

General admission for the exhibition is $7 for students and seniors, $10 general and free for members and children under 12. Separately, an Art & Jazz Sunset Social is scheduled for Friday, June 29 from 5:30 to 8 p.m. at the garden. Admission is $15; food and drink will be sold separately baby ballet slippers uk online. For more information or to purchase tickets, call 925-944-9352 or email For driving and parking directions, visit Bay Area playwright Bart Schneider and veteran actor Felix Justice collaborate in a tribute to one of America’s greatest 19th century satirists and story writers..

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So with everyone so happy, it had to be time for a sad, heart-wrenching tale, and Sam Lenarz certainly had one. When she came home from dance one evening, her mother told her to leave hustle dance shoes uk online. Desperate for a place to stay, she turned to her best friend and now lives with that family. After she performed, Mary asked if her family supported her ambition, and the waterworks started. The judges told her to channel that emotion and passion in her dancing and send her to choreography. OK, now everyone was depressed ,so it was back to some comic relief. Caley Carr, a surfer/tap dancer, looked a bit like Ashton Kutcher with Rollie Fingers’ mustache. He brought a sense of humor and lots of confidence to the stage and after Nigel said he could tell that Carr had been trained in other styles, he was sent to choreography. Then it was one terrific audition after another. Megan Branch was first and was called “a little butterfly” by Mary, and Jesse said she had “great energy.” A ticket to Las Vegas was hers. Cole Horibe was next with his dance style mixed liberally with martial arts. A round of applause and compliments from the judges also brought him a ticket to Vegas..

But although Cat called Los Angeles “one of the best audition cities,” there were some quirky performances. David Matz, a circus performer, did a routine with a huge metal ring that had Mary “mesmerized,” but while it was thrilling, there was not much dancing content and could have been another contestant for “America’s Got Talent.” As a result, it was off to choreography for him. And Stephen Jacobsen, a trained ballet dancer, decided to do a terrible routine that he admitted he choreographed himself. But to Nigel’s credit, he could see the gold beneath the dirt and asked Jacobsen to dance to another piece of music hustle dance shoes uk online. He did, he was marvelous and he snagged a ticket to Vegas..

I don’t know if the dancers actually auditioned in the order we saw, because the slightly goofy or strange dancers seemed to pop up smack between great auditions or sad stories. Jonathan Anzalone auditioned a few years ago and ended up insulting everyone. He was back, said he was a changed man and better dancer, but really seemed to be trying to become a “hip-hop pretzel” with all his contortions hustle dance shoes uk online. The judges gave him the benefit of the doubt and sent him to choreography. The final auditions of the show were a sister and brother who were in a head-on collision only six weeks earlier. With their mother cheering from the audience, Jasmine Mason danced first with grace and maturity, and immediately was given a ticket to Las Vegas. Next was her brother, Marshea Kidd, who had auditioned for the last three seasons. In the accident, he was declared dead at first, then was in a coma for two days before recovering from a broken neck. He stepped onto the stage and danced like nothing had ever happened before Mary stopped the music to give him his ticket to Vegas..

A I loved Beach Boys songs, especially “Surfin’ USA,” “Barbara Ann” and “Surfer Girl.” Also, my best friend and I listened to “Halfway Around the World” by the A-Teens on repeat for hours and loved dancing and singing along at the top of our lungs to it. I have always liked a mix of modern and older music, and am a big fan of Nat King Cole’s recording of “L-O-V-E” as well hustle dance shoes uk online. I still remember the ballet combination that I choreographed to it at 5 years old..

Q Do you play an instrument?. A I used to play clarinet in my school’s band. Lately, I’ve been loving the guitar, and this year I hope to become comfortable performing on it. Q If you could portray a character in a big-time musical, who would it be?. A Right now, I would love to play Luisa in the off-Broadway production of “The Fantasticks.” In 10 years, I would love to play Christine in “The Phantom of the Opera” on Broadway. I love the music in both of these shows hustle dance shoes uk online. As an actor, I love the idea of playing a sweet ingenue with a bit of spunk. These shows are somewhat different in nature: “The Fantasticks” favors simplicity over opulence, while “The Phantom of the Opera” is intentionally grand and elaborate. But I can see myself playing a role in both of their universes..

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1997: Timothy McVeigh was convicted of murder and conspiracy in the Oklahoma City bombing dance shoes jazz uk online. (He was executed in June 2001.). 2002: Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat offered Cabinet posts to militant groups as part of a government reshuffle. A fire broke out at Buckingham Palace, forcing the evacuation of hundreds of people and marring the four-day celebration of Queen Elizabeth II’s 50 years on the throne. “Thoroughly Modern Millie” won six Tony Awards, including best musical. 2004: The syndicated TV game show “Jeopardy!” began airing contestant Ken Jennings’ 74-game winning streak..

2007: U.S. authorities said four Muslim men had been prevented from carrying out a plot to destroy John F dance shoes jazz uk online. Kennedy International Airport, kill thousands of people and trigger an economic catastrophe by blowing up a jet fuel artery running through populous New York residential neighborhoods. (Three of the men were later sentenced to life in prison; the fourth was sentenced to 15 years behind bars.). 2011: Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney announced his bid for the Republican presidential nomination during an appearance in New Hampshire. A 73-year-old man opened fire in southern Arizona, killing five people and wounding one other before fatally shooting himself. A judge in Placerville, Calif., sentenced serial sex offender Phillip Garrido to life in prison for kidnapping and raping Jaycee Dugard; Garrido’s wife, Nancy, received a decades-long sentence. Eighth grader Sukanya Roy of South Abington Township, Pa., won the 84th Scripps National Spelling Bee..

Judges Nigel Lythgoe and Mary Murphy, who kept her screams to a minimum, were joined by “super-fan” Jesse Tyler Ferguson from “Modern Family,” who was not afraid to make a joke or two but also had some genuine comments and insights dance shoes jazz uk online. After each dancer performed a solo, they either were sent home, or asked to do some choreography at the end of the show, or immediately given a ticket to Las Vegas for the next step toward making the Top 20. Unfortunately, host Cat Deeley only got a small amount of screen time as she chatted it up with the dancers, so I’m looking forward to the live shows when she is on stage, introducing the “jidges,” as she pronounces it. But — hankie alert — those chats are used to let the audience in on some of the dancers’ personal stories..

First up was Alexa Anderson, who was cut last season just before the Top 20. After her terrific solo, the audience cheered and Nigel simply lifted her ticket to Vegas in the air dance shoes jazz uk online. Another dancer, Eliana Girard, seemed almost overqualified with a background at a couple of dance schools, with Cirque du Soleil and doing aerial pole dancing. Her solo brought the judges and the audience to their feet for a standing ovation, and after Mary remarked that she was one of the best girls this season, her ticket to Las Vegas was a given..

Mixed in with the fine dancing were contestants who offered a more comedic turn. Jontel “Johnny Waacks” Gibson showed up with an Afro and an outfit from the ’70s that might have looked at home on “Soul Train.” Nigel praised his musicality and Mary loved his personality, but the judges all agreed to choreography to see if he could do other dance moves. One of the highlights of the show was an over-the-top identical pair, Nick and James Aragon, who called themselves the Ninja Twins dance shoes jazz uk online. Frankly, they should have gone on “America’s Got Talent” with their lively humor, good dancing and definitely “two snaps up” attitude. Sadly, the upper age limit on SYTYCD is 30, and the twins are 32 and “can’t be a part of the competition,” said Nigel. “But you made this show for me.” Both Mary and Jesse commented that the pair had a major impact on the proceedings and left everyone in a great mood..

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The 26-year-old blonde, who graced the cover of Playboy in July 2011, the same month she was a runaway bride, moved back into the Mansion this week and while Hefner is allegedly happy to have her back, it caused major turmoil for his current girlfriend. What a life this guy has. “Shera Berchard, Hef’s number one girlfriend, moved out as soon as Crystal moved back in,” the source said. “Hef and Crystal are really happy back together,” the source said. Harris returns despite saying some really nasty things about Hefner on the Howard Stern show after she split. In talking about Hefner’s sexual prowess, she said “(It lasted) like, two seconds. Then I was just over it. I was like, ‘Ahh.’ I was over it. I just, like, walked away. I’m not turned on by Hef. Sorry.” before pointe shoes uk online.

Class. All class. Hefner responded by calling her a liar … then lighting a fire in the fireplace with a wad of $100s while three replacement bunnies snuggled up to him. Harris also sold her $90,000, 3-carat engagement ring in October for about half its value before pointe shoes uk online. Follow Tony Hicks at and on Twitter at!/insertfoot. 1886: President Grover Cleveland, 49, married Frances Folsom, 21, in the Blue Room of the White House. (To date, Cleveland is the only president to marry in the executive mansion.)..

1897: Mark Twain, 61, was quoted by the New York Journal as saying from London that “the report of my death was an exaggeration.”. 1924: Congress passed a measure that was then signed by President Calvin Coolidge guaranteeing full American citizenship for all Native Americans born within U.S. territorial limits. 1941: Baseball’s “Iron Horse,” Lou Gehrig, died in New York of a degenerative disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis; he was 37 before pointe shoes uk online. 1953: Queen Elizabeth II was crowned in Westminster Abbey, 16 months after the death of her father, King George VI; it was the first such ceremony to be televised..

1961: During a state visit to France, President John F. Kennedy, noting the warm reception his wife was receiving, jocularly described himself as “the man who accompanied Jacqueline Kennedy to Paris, and I have enjoyed it.”. 1962: Soviet forces opened fire on workers in the Russian city of Novocherkassk who had gone on strike over food shortages; accounts of the death toll vary, although a retired general who said he opposed the action put the figure at 22 to 24 during a 1989 interview before pointe shoes uk online.

1966: The U.S. space probe Surveyor 1 landed on the moon and began transmitting detailed photographs of the lunar surface. 1979: Pope John Paul II arrived in his native Poland on the first visit by a pope to a Communist country. 1986: For the first time, the public could watch the proceedings of the U.S before pointe shoes uk online. Senate on television as a six-week experiment began. 1987: President Ronald Reagan announced he was nominating economist Alan Greenspan to succeed Paul Volcker as chairman of the Federal Reserve Board..