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A Pacifica resident for the past 16 years, Laraine is survived by devoted husband Jim Crow, sons Ben and Jon Roberts, brother Rich Boucher and his wife Linda, nieces Chantal and Janine Boucher, and she is remembered affectionately by countless other relatives, friends, and colleagues mens latin dance shoes uk online. Growing up in San Francisco and South San Francisco, Laraine graduated from Notre Dame des Victoires elementary school and high school. She received her undergraduate degree and teaching credential from San Francisco State, M.A. in education administration from San Francisco State, and Doctor of Education from University of San Francisco..

She began her career as an elementary teacher and later became an administrator in San Francisco Unified, where she developed Targeted Learning, a district-wide school reform program, and was instrumental in writing a successful grant proposal for the first teacher learning center. She later helped establish the statewide California School Leadership Academy for systemic school improvement. Laraine devoted her entire professional career to improving educational opportunity for all students mens latin dance shoes uk online. She developed training programs and taught university classes on educational leadership, organizational culture and cultural proficiency. She designed and facilitated leadership development programs for school superintendents, district administrators, and school principals. She was coauthor, with Randall B. Lindsey and Franklin Campbell Jones, of a best-selling Corwin Press book, The Culturally Proficient School: An Implementation Guide for School Leaders..

The heart of Laraine’s work was a dedication to making schools, in every way, better places for students to learn and grow. She understood that she could accomplish that by helping the adults-educators at all levels improve their practices and the school environment. Her work touched the lives of many throughout California, across the nation, and abroad. Laraine loved life and had great pleasure traveling and seeing the world. She enjoyed and supported the arts: attending SF Ballet performances, SF Symphony and other concerts, theater productions of various Bay Area companies and the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland; visiting the Fine Arts Museums, MOMA, and other museums in the U.S mens latin dance shoes uk online. and Europe; watching new films and BBC mysteries..

This is the latest in the bizarre battle over the Oakland A’s. The A’s, of course, have called the Oakland Coliseum home since 1968, but the team ownership has made it clear they want to leave Oakland for San Jose, which is a much bigger and more lucrative market. However, the San Francisco Giants have the territorial rights to San Jose and are quite unlikely to give them up without a fight. Major League Baseball, which must rule on the issue, wants to avoid a legal battle at all costs. So, it has done what many of us do when we don’t want to make a tough decision — stall it for three years mens latin dance shoes uk online.

Reports indicate the A’s ownership is so frustrated with MLB’s pace in deciding the issue that it may call for a vote of the other team owners when they meet in Denver next month. Enter, unbidden, Mayor Johnson from Sacramento. His city is host to the A’s top minor league franchise, which is one of the top operations in minor league baseball. But suddenly Johnson is advancing the notion that maybe the A’s should make their home in the Central Valley mens latin dance shoes uk online. While charmingly quaint, the proposal has about as much a chance of happening as does Bartolo Colon, the A’s 265-pound pitcher, joining the Bolshoi Ballet as a dancer in the off season. Which is to say, zero..

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