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Basically, there are no dullards in Tango No. 9. Trombonist and composer Stephens can include, among others — Big Lou’s Dance Party, Circus Bella All-Stars, Ad Hoc Brass Band and The Green Street Mortuary Band on his performance and recording résumé mens ballet shoes near me uk online. Pianist Brody, the recipient of several Cabaret Gold Awards, composes for films and is the accompanist for various improv theater groups which include Bay Area Theatersports, True Fiction and Awkward Dinner Party. Clune said that both Stephens and Brody do a ton of “heavy lifting” when it comes to transcribing or arranging parts..

Clune, also a composer, is a ten plus-year veteran of San Francisco’s esteemed Club Foot Orchestra, known for their thrilling complex scores for classic silent movies. She is now one of the leaders of its off-shoot, the Nino Rota cover band Orchestra Nostalgico. Clune met Brody in CFO, during a gig where they played as the house band with German rocker Nina Hagen and actor Danny Kovacs (who played Third Reich psychic Hanussen), at the classic Bimbos 365 Club. She met Stephens back in the day when both participated in the New Composers Forum concerts mens ballet shoes near me uk online.

While Clune received her degree in violin performance, she no longer plays classical, except for her children. “Tango is my life!” she laughed. “But I really love tango, jazz and popular music and the border where they all meet. My musical career has been perched on that edge since leaving college. That and a dollar fifty get you on the bus!”. Currently at work on their 5th album, slated for a May release, Tango No. 5 will play heavily Saturday night from that recording. “We are currently working a modern piece by Horacio Salgán,” Clune said. “It’s not quite ready to premiere, but boy, I can hardly wait to bring it to the public — another tango that gets into your bones and makes the blood rise.” mens ballet shoes near me uk online.

“Tango No mens ballet shoes near me uk online. 9 is an amazing collective arranger, bringing in subtle American traditions to the rich history of the tango,” Clune continued. “We also like to mix a traditional piece and push it more modern, or play an art song or add in a touch of Kurt Weill. And the places we have played! One of my favorites was playing as part of a music series which brought live music to the airport. I loved the romance of playing tango in the United Airlines terminal — people coming from all over the world, and going all over the world, buying our CDs and taking our music with them to their life, wherever that life exists.”..

Now branded as “beyond ballet,” the company on Saturday at the Lesher Center for the Arts in Walnut Creek seemed to have given itself over to a new era. It struck a well-chosen balance between the late choreographer’s work and the innovations of two young choreographers, and its dancers danced with a new athletic and dramatic conviction, looking at home in almost every dance they touched. Smuin’s interest in crossing genre boundaries is alive and well, but other artists are now leading the way. Louisville Ballet’s resident choreographer, Adam Hougland, set his “Cold Virtues” (2003) on the company this past fall, and on Saturday it hit all the right notes, and the company shined. Set to Philip Glass’ plangent Violin Concerto No mens ballet shoes near me uk online. 1, the dance embodied the kind of virtues a chamber company needs — meaningful movement, inventive physicality and a complex understanding of the body in space and time..

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