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In addition to Booker T. Jones, Coelho delved into the sounds of jazz organists Jimmy McGriff, Jimmy Smith and Don Patterson. “In some ways, jazz is more free than R&B. But what I like about soul-jazz in particular is that it combines the energy of dance music with the freedom to improvise and be original.”. In addition to Monaco and Masters, Coelho studied with another top Bay Area B3 player, Wil Blades. “Each of these guys has their own unique sound. The next stage of my development is finding my own sound. I learned from my teachers by watching them and closely listening to what they’re doing, but I’ve come to realize that the one thing about the organ is, you really can’t teach it. When I hear all these masters play, they do these incredible things that are so counterintuitive. I spent many years learning to play classical piano and there’s a correct way to do things. But there’s no one right way to get the sound of the organ.” ladies latin dance shoes uk online.

At some point, the organist moves away from analyzing the keyboard and just goes with the feel. Coelho says, “In the practice portion, you want to get to the level of technical ability where you’re able to express your emotions in performance ladies latin dance shoes uk online. Once I get on stage, I try to play what I’m hearing in my head, to just be reactive, to interact with the other musicians, to give the audience what they want.”. Participating in the Stanford Jazz Workshop for the past five years helped Coelho’s development. He received Outstanding Soloist and Shape of Jazz to Come awards..

“The Stanford Workshop is absolutely fantastic. There’s no place like it. The collective knowledge present, with every last faculty member, is immense. In my opinion, there’s no better place to be introduced to jazz and to begin to understand what it’s really about. “What I like best about Stanford is that it allows you to pursue your own idea of what you’re trying to play. Teachers don’t try to impose their ideas of jazz upon you, contrary to my experience at other jazz programs ladies latin dance shoes uk online. Stanford has also been great for the connections. I’ve gotten unique opportunities that I wouldn’t have gotten on my own.”..

Coelho has applied to Stanford, but plans to focus on a different sort of keyboard at university. He’ll be studying computer science. “I know a little bit too much about the music industry to make a career out of it ladies latin dance shoes uk online. Music for me is about love and giving, about playing for audiences and making people happy. I don’t need music to be my career, in order to do that. I’d like to have financial stability. Young musicians, they go to New York, they’re 18, 19, and they think it’s great for the first two or three years. But living in a cheap apartment, trying to make ends meet, can wear on you. And the road really batters you..

“Music will always be there for me. It’s going to be computers during the day and then, Friday night gigs … and we’ll see how it goes from there. When I’m 55 and I have a decent home, maybe I’ll just settle down and play music all day. But until then, I’d like to have a balance ladies latin dance shoes uk online. So I’m not going to ignore academics. I’ll just keep doing what I’ve been doing, which has worked for me so far.”. Email Paul Freeman at [email protected]

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