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Avitzur has seen two generations of the same family doing Zumba together. At the Northwest Focal Point Senior Center in Margate, Fla., tables and chairs were pushed aside on a Tuesday morning and 17 women gathered in the center of the lunchroom how to make pointe shoes step by step uk online. Loretta Bartley, 93, stood behind her walker. Everyone had on tennis shoes (except a woman in ballet flats); another wore a fuzzy lavender, short-sleeved sweater. “It keeps me active and keeps my brain moving, too,” said Pat Kramer, 73, a retired school crossing guard sporting a star-spangled headband..

She and her classmates like Zumba for all of the reasons group fitness is particularly popular with senior women, experts say: They have fun and make new friends. Joy Prouty, a former Radio City Music Hall Rockette with 45 years in the exercise industry, didn’t forget that fact when she and her business partner joined forces with Zumba Fitness six years ago to create Zumba Gold. “There is a big social factor to these classes,” said Prouty, 71, of Delray Beach, Fla. “As people get older in life, they may have lost a spouse.” how to make pointe shoes step by step uk online.

And it was important that the Gold version stick with its rockin’ roots, added Prouty, a Zumba education specialist for South Florida-based Zumba Fitness: “This older population, we love dancing. It’s something we grew up with. Zumba has the reputation of being fun, and we didn’t want to diminish that.”. Zumba has several specialty programs, such as Zumbatomic for kids, but Gold is one of the most popular. Different types of facilities can offer Zumba Gold as long as they use instructors certified by Zumba Fitness trainers how to make pointe shoes step by step uk online.

As with any exercise regimen, fitness experts say that seniors should be cautious about busting new moves and check with their physicians before starting classes how to make pointe shoes step by step uk online. Part of the problem is that lively fitness classes often attract retirees who, suddenly free from work and family responsibilities, are regularly exercising for the first time in their lives. Novices quickly can get hooked on an endorphin-fueled high, Avitzur said, setting themselves up for overexertion and injury. Anita D’Angelo, an instructor at Florida Atlantic University exercise science and health promotion department, said many types of classes, including spinning and kickboxing, could work for older adults as long as they’re adjusted for age-related physical changes. And group fitness often helps people of all ages stick with their exercise routine — although D’Angelo warns seniors not to get carried away..

Heirs of the pure classicism of 19th-century Russia, the Mariinsky Ballet gives us a 19th-century vision of a folk tale about a prince falling in love with a bewitched swan princess in a three-hour work populated by gorgeously ordered swans, peasants, royals, and visiting nationals. They comport themselves with aplomb, even when they look squished onto the Zellerbach stage, and we marvel at their accuracy and technical finesse, which few contemporary ballet companies quite polish to the same sheen. But the scene Wednesday night was a curious collage of styles and influences that injected into the ballet a strange feeling of being both anachronistic and contemporarily provincial. A German gothic castle hovered gauzily on the backdrop as the curtain rose, although the dancers wore 16th-century-style Italian gowns and mauve doublets, and Prince Seigfried’s tutor was decked out like a daft version of the Renaissance scholar Erasmus how to make pointe shoes step by step uk online. Meanwhile, a kitschy looking statue of Pan, complete with horns and a companion ram, stood upstage, seemingly left over from another ballet..

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