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On “Bunheads,” the big question was the girls’ attempts to divine their feelings through a thicket of medical information, their perceptions of what their boyfriends needed to be kept happy, and their sense of where they should be in relation to other people’s life milestones. Meanwhile, Fox’s sitcom “The Mindy Project” had one of its best episodes earlier this year with “Teen Patient,” which went after a common misconception many young people factor into their sexual decision-making process. “Here is what I’ve observed about you teen-agers,” Mindy told her young neighbor Sofia and her high school volleyball class. “You are obsessed with eternity . fold up ballet flats uk online. . It’s probably why you like teen vampires and stupid crap like that . . . And maybe you’ll be really lucky and you’ll find the perfect guy, and you will stay together forever. But I’ll tell you one thing that lasts forever: herpes.” In other words, you can’t count on forever as an emotional safety net that will protect you from the consequences of having sex. Any sexual decisions you make need to factor in the possibility of heartbreak..

And NBC’s “Parenthood” this season explored some of the consequences of assuming you’ll be with someone forever, and how much worse your hurt can be when that assumption comes into question. Drew (Miles Heizer) and his girlfriend Amy (Skyler Day) started having sex in Season 3, and in Season 4, discovered that she was pregnant. Whereas previously they’d been on the same page, Amy’s pregnancy revealed the gaps between them. Though Drew supports Amy’s decision to terminate her pregnancy, his initial reaction was different: He liked the idea of having a child with her. Sex initially brought the young couple together, but it ultimately exposed differences in their worldviews and priorities that made it impossible for them to stay together.Without going censorious and conservative, all three of these television episodes make an important point that’s rarely offered to either teen-agers or adults. Sex is an awful lot of fun, but it doesn’t make you a prude to see it as a big deal fold up ballet flats uk online. Sometimes that means waiting. Sometimes it means forging ahead. But these shows aren’t just treating the consequences of sex as significant: They’re treating their teen-aged characters as up to the challenges of weighing those consequences..

Last year, the Walnut Creek-based dance company created a minor stir when, instead of insisting on rapt, distraction-free attention expected from ballet audiences, it invited writers and bloggers to whip out their smartphones and discreetly live-tweet during a performance. This year, the tech-happy troupe is breaking down more barriers between dancers and audience while taking its embrace of all things YouTube, Twitter and Facebook a step further by staging what it says is the first ballet crowdsourced by social media fold up ballet flats uk online.

Using seven ideas for setting, mood and subject matter gleaned from among 132 suggestions by social media users from around the world, rising choreographer and Diablo Ballet dancer Robert Dekkers is crafting “The Flight of the Dodo,” a 10-minute tribute to the extinct bird set to a Vivaldi concerto. Rehearsal videos are up on the company’s YouTube channel, where the finished dance will be broadcast after March 1. Although the world premiere isn’t until Friday and Saturday in Walnut Creek — it repeats April 12 and 13 in Foster City — the piece has already caught the ballet world’s attention fold up ballet flats uk online. International dance publications are buzzing about the work, and a pair of students at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm have made it the subject of a thesis exploring media technology in the dance world..

The idea for the Web ballet came from marketing director Dan Meagher fold up ballet flats uk online. Drawing inspiration from the company’s annual Theatre Encounter program in which artistic director Lauren Jonas and dancers collaborate with schoolchildren on a short piece, Meagher pitched the idea of using technology to create a ballet from scratch. “It dawned on me that creating dance is a collaborative process,” Meagher said, “so why not collaborate on creating a new dance work with the world?”..

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