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Vroman, buoyed by Holmes’ expansive conducting, sparkled in this repertoire, from the witty wordplay of “Mr essie ballet slippers streaky uk online. Right” to the subdued sonorities of “Speak Low.” Best of all was her haunting performance of “It Never Was You,” with Holmes serving as pianist. Meyers, Hernandez, Shanahan and Eichelberger mined the comic possibilities of “The Trouble With Women,” and all five singers returned for “The Saga of Jenny.”. The program began with Holmes conducting Weill’s own suite from “The Threepenny Opera.” Hearing this well-known score’s mordant melodies and sharply defined rhythms shorn of strings and arranged for a small complement of piano, woodwinds, brass, percussion, guitar, banjo and accordion, it was easy to imagine hearing them in a smoky Berlin cabaret..

The encore was also drawn from “The Threepenny Opera”; a beguiling arrangement of “Mack the Knife,” sung by Vroman in English, then French and finally in German — sort of a Weill retrospective in reverse, performed with the same flair that characterized the entire program. The symphony’s planners must have been pleased, since “Kurt Weill” drew one of the largest crowds I’ve seen at this theater recently. Perhaps Weill is ready to cross over once again essie ballet slippers streaky uk online.

Tilson Thomas was at his infectious best for Debussy’s symphonic seascape essie ballet slippers streaky uk online. Indeed, Thursday at Davies, where the program received its first of three performances, the surf seemed to be crashing, the salty mist flying up the aisles. What a knockout performance. Falling in love with this piece is like falling in love with the sound of Miles Davis’s trumpet or Pablo Casals’ cello; “La Mer” becomes a lifelong touchstone, especially when played with this degree of physicality, precision and excitement. One doesn’t tire of it..

A few highlights: the cello section was outrageous in “Play of the Waves,” the second movement. And the rumble of timpani and low strings, set against the winds’ song and the gleamingly eruptive trumpet of Mark Inouye, made for an evocative finale, “Dialogue of the Wind and the Sea.” Over and above, though, this was a superb performance by the orchestra; wish I’d had my sunglasses, to beat back the dazzle of the sun’s glare, which was intense essie ballet slippers streaky uk online. It’s been said that the second movement of “La Mer” (from 1905) points toward a revolutionary music of constant change and organic self-replenishment — the music of “Jeux,” Debussy’s last orchestral work (from 1912.) Composed for a Diaghilev-Nijinsky ballet about amorous goings-on on a tennis court, its true subject is “dappled light and shape,” Tilson Thomas pointed out, in remarks from the podium. He added that Debussy manages a conjurer’s trick: “Jeux” is dense with detail and color (nearly every stand in the strings has a separate part) yet light as a feather..

The program began with this elusive and enchanting piece: with floaty rubato tempos, myriad vaporous gestures (swoons, chuckles, slaps, mischievous pinches) and moods that ranged from peppy to languorous (those teenage lovers’ hormones, perhaps). But the performance didn’t gain trajectory and shape until its final moments, with its fleeting waltz, its sense of desire permeating dusk and a conclusion that shimmered like a Monet sunset. Appearing as part of her Project San Francisco residency with the orchestra, Fleming now made her entrance, wearing a hot pink gown, shoulder-less with luxurious shawl and a long train essie ballet slippers streaky uk online. Waterfalls of satiny fabric, in other words, to complement the world premiere of English composer Robin Holloway’s “C’est l’extase” (“The Ecstasy”). Commissioned by the San Francisco Symphony, this is his elegant arrangement of Debussy’s “Ariettes oubliées” (“Forgotten Songs”), which set the poetry of Paul Verlaine for voice and piano. All in all, Debussy set 21 texts by Verlaine. Holloway has linked ten to form an orchestral suite; seven are being performed this week..

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