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The exhibit includes a retrospective tribute acknowledging the influence, teaching and guidance by Jade Fon, and includes some of his paintings, sketches, art materials, quotes and personal mementos. The Orinda Library is open 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Thursday, Friday and Saturday 10 to 6 and Sunday 1 to 5 p.m ermes dance shoes uk online. For more information call 925-254-2184 or go to The two have been friends for 30 years, but this is the first time their work has been seen together in a show celebrating the “lightness” of the fleeting visual moments life brings us, whether the telling expression of a stranger or the play of clouds above a solitary oak..

The show, which opened Jan. 16, runs through March 23, and admission is free. These auditions are open to boys and girls ages 7 through 15. The chorus’ newest class, “MetroGnomes,” is now accepting children ages 5 and 6, with no interviews necessary. For more information, e-mail [email protected] The Contra Costa Children’s Chorus has, since 1984, provided vocal training for children’s voices, theory instruction, performance skills and local performances ermes dance shoes uk online. For more information, e-mail [email protected] or call 925 945-7101. The website is

The work — which runs through Sunday at the San Jose Center for the Performing Arts — is the only surviving 19th-century classical ballet comedy. It takes us far from the domain of princes, swans, witches and fairy godmothers into a world in which a stubborn father is trying — unsuccessfully, of course — to control a stubborn daughter. But there is another reason why company artistic adviser Wes Chapman’s staging of “Don Quixote” was such a good choice ermes dance shoes uk online. For comedy in ballet — it’s a rarity in any period — you need performers who can act as well as dance. Ballet San Jose has a long tradition of cultivating these twin qualities in its ranks..

The production’s opening night performance on Friday started with a surprise. The day before, Alexsandra Meijer, who was scheduled to perform the lead female role of Kitri, was hurt ermes dance shoes uk online. (She is expected to return for the Sunday matinee.) So petite soloist Junna Ige jumped into the breach. Her only opportunity to work with José Manuel Carreño dancing the male lead Basilio was at the dress rehearsal. Despite a glitch during the fouettés in the third act, Ige turned the challenge into a triumph. She is a refined yet strong technician who sails through the air like a feather and knocks out sequential pirouettes and staccato steps as if carving them into space. Fearless in her attacks and yet soft and yielding into back bend, Ige brought all of these qualities to an adorable Kitri..

The handsome Carreño — who stepped into the production rather late after the original male lead pulled out — impressed with his assurance. Rock solid in the one-handed lifts, he turns beautifully and partnered Ige securely. To see him drop her from an overhead lift into a fish dive was breathtaking. What he did not bring with him is an essential spark, a sense of electricity and daring. Chapman’s staging allowed for lively character-based storytelling ermes dance shoes uk online. It started with a charming dumb (pantomime) show, including a regal Dulcinea, that told us about the role Cupid (a perky Maria Jacobs-Yu) plays in our lives. Maximo Califano’s detailed Gamache, the standard fop and object of derision, here also showed vulnerability and an essential loneliness, not withstanding his cupidity. As Kitri’s father, Lorenzo, Anton Pankevitch created a character who suffered from a mean streak and servility that almost went beyond the comedic. Beanpole-thin Damir Emric’s Don Quixote walked around with his head in the air, and yet when necessary, he stepped up to save the lovers..

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