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And there are also the performances — free ones, tonight in San Francisco and Sunday in Burlingame — of “The ‘Real’ Mendelssohn Octet,” another laptop-driven program with a “real time” overhead projection. Teaming the Borromeo with four gifted teen players from the Bay Area (Yujin Ariza and Ethan Tsai, violins; Emily Liu, viola; and Jeffrey Kwong, cello), the program (narrated by Kitchen) features the handwritten manuscript to the famous octet, penned by Mendelssohn at age 16 in 1825. It’s the prepublished version of the piece, rarely performed, which the composer later revised and edited, eliminating 100 bars from the first movement do you wear shoes for yoga uk online.

The Borromeo flew into the Bay Area on Tuesday to rehearse with the teens, who have been preparing since December, practicing from full eight-part scores on 15-inch MacBook Pros — and using Kitchen’s own homemade foot pedals to whiz through the music. The full score contains so much information — all eight parts, stacked vertically — that only 10 or 12 bars fit on each page, and the students must learn to pedal constantly do you wear shoes for yoga uk online. “But this was nothing for them,” says Susan Bates, their teacher..

A violist and former member of the San Francisco Ballet Orchestra with a 30-plus-year teaching career, she “never thought two cents about whether I’d use a computer in music,” she says do you wear shoes for yoga uk online. But Bates, whose Palo Alto-based Young Chamber Musicians program is partnering with San Francisco Friends of Chamber Music and Borromeo to present the program, now sees the digital approach as facilitating a “really nice, valuable journey into compositional scholarship.”. The key lies in using the full score, something Kitchen insists on, and a practice the Borromeo began to follow in 2007. It is an unusual approach; typically, a chamber musician plays from a printed score showing a single line, the one he or she is playing..

The full score allows the player to see all the interweaving lines of the group’s performance — to visually live inside the full bubble of the music as it progresses, measure by measure and page by page. At least in theory, this allows for increased comprehension of the piece in every aspect, sharpening the group’s interactivity and heightening its performance. But a full printed score is big and bulky, inconvenient to lug around. And it tends to require constant and rapid page turning, a distraction. Enter the MacBook, whose screen comfortably accommodates all eight parts, and which allows a player to store many such “bulky” scores. The convenience factor is clear: no more page turning and not as much toting of suitcases filled with printed scores while on tour do you wear shoes for yoga uk online.

“Classical musicians are notoriously hesitant to change anything,” says violinist Kristopher Tong, 30, the Borromeo’s youngest member — who resisted the group’s MacBook revolution, defiantly using his laptop to prop up his sheet music for several months in 2007 and 2008. “It looked sort of funny,” he says. His objections were philosophical ones, revolving around conversion to the full-score orthodoxy. Still, he believes, “It makes so much more sense to play off the screen. That’s the way it’s heading, and people are getting on board.” do you wear shoes for yoga uk online.

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