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A highlight of the June 1 performance will be a number from “Harry Potter,” choreographed by Diablo Ballet instructor Erin Leedom. A former principal dancer with Oakland Ballet and Ballet West, Erin trained at the American Ballet Theatre and the Joffrey Ballet in New York as well as the San Francisco Ballet. Both nights’ performances begin at 7 p.m. Tickets are $10; for more information, call 925-943-5846. Bay Area playwright Bart Schneider and veteran actor Felix Justice collaborate in a tribute to one of America’s greatest 19th century satirists and storywriters chloe ballet flats sale uk online.

The June 5 event will run from 7:30 to 9 p.m. in the Oak Room of the Walnut Creek Library, 1644 N. Broadway. The free presentation is part of the Library Foundation’s speaker series “Live! from the Library.” chloe ballet flats sale uk online. Ambrose Bierce (1842-1913) was branded a misanthrope. For more than 25 years, Bierce worked as a newspaperman in San Francisco. According to Schneider, “As a satirist, Bierce was misunderstood. He claimed that satire never thrived in this country because ‘the soul of it is wit, wherein we are dolefully deficient.’”..

Bierce was famous for his “Devil’s Dictionary,” but more famous for disappearing in Mexico in 1913, after saying he was going to fight alongside Pancho Villa. The event is free, but attendees must register to reserve a seat at Both concerts will feature diverse music from around the world chloe ballet flats sale uk online. Friday evening’s program features music from Cuba, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Japan and America, and concludes with Caldwell & Ivory’s “Hope for Resolution,” a lyrical European chant melody combined with an uplifting Zulu anti-apartheid song..

On Saturday morning, the younger singers will deliver diverse songs from such countries as Newfoundland, Norway and Czechoslovakia. The artistic director is Martin Benvenuto, and the conductors are Laryssa Sadoway and Julie Fischer chloe ballet flats sale uk online. Tickets are $15 for adults, and $5 for those 14 and younger. The concert opens with a Poulenc sonata for violin and piano, followed by six songs for the tenor voice. The song composers include Handel, Gluck, Schubert and Schumann. Jan Koetsier’s Dresdner Trio for oboe, horn and piano appears next. The program concludes with Debussy piano preludes..

From day one, city officials picked sides and gave PRFO the green light chloe ballet flats sale uk online. The city supplied unlimited resources, a California Environmental Quality Act attorney and moneys from the general fund for PRFO’s flawed adventure. PRFO and officials boasted verbally about the virtues of another public-private partnership. There was even a written “contract” that PRFO would pay all the costs. At the May 7 meeting we learned that the City Council has spent at least $ 250,000 of the taxpayers’ scarce assets on staff time alone. PRFO still owes the city of Piedmont $220,000 in bills — and they have yet to pay..

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