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Shah sees it as more of a philosophical art form. Shah, along with many other students, occupy an SJSU gym on Tuesdays and Thursdays to practice the ancient Japanese art, with the club, one of the oldest on campus. The club was established in 1965 by Sensei Benjamin Hazard, who picked up Kendo on a military expedition to Japan during World War II. The SJSU club was one of the first Kendo groups in the United States and for the past 47 years has been spreading Japanese culture and philosophy throughout San Jose capezio aria pointe shoes size chart uk online.

Established by the samurai class of feudal Japan, Kendo was traditionally meant to be a physically challenging activity, through sport and competition. Despite the physical aspect, Kendo also includes mentally challenging characteristics to teach important values to those who practice it. “Four years ago, I wasn’t this fit. I was really weak and my wrists could barely hold one of those” swords, says Shah. SJSU Kendo club members acknowledge the physical aspect of the sport and what it has to offer as an exercise. However, the focus of the club remains on the philosophical worth of the art and what it has to offer as a medium for improvement capezio aria pointe shoes size chart uk online.

“I’ve also developed my body and my mind capezio aria pointe shoes size chart uk online. The two must become in sync,” Shah adds. “Some people try to develop themselves through art or music, we are choosing to develop ourselves through the art of the sword,” said club member Brian Lai. “There’s a sport aspect, but here it’s primarily about self-development.”. For club member Son Nguyen, the art “is like philosophy of the martial arts, it’s about the inner self, discipline, knowing oneself, and training your thoughts and body together .”..

A year after scoring her second lead actress Tony Award for the revival of “Anything Goes” and dazzling the Tony television audience with her tap-dancing performance of that show’s title song, Foster has switched coasts and turned away from the greasepaint and nightly standing ovations. She’s traded Broadway for “Bunheads.”. With only a few small TV roles on her résumé, Foster is front and center as the star of the new ABC Family series, playing an aging Las Vegas showgirl who unexpectedly is put in charge of a class of ballet students. Her smiling face — but not her name — is on billboards and huge posters for the show’s nationwide promo campaign capezio aria pointe shoes size chart uk online.

Starring in a new series on a cable network instead of a glitzy Broadway production has been what Foster calls a “strange and surreal” leap, throwing her from the comfort of the theater world into the riskier and fiercely competitive Hollywood arena, which traditionally has not been especially welcoming to Broadway’s female dynamos. Kristin Chenoweth, Patti LuPone and Audra McDonald, who scored her fifth Tony last month, are among the top stars who have had mixed results on TV, doing well-received work but generally without the adoration and marquee status they enjoy for their stage roles capezio aria pointe shoes size chart uk online.

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