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No, thank God for Madonna. Or I’d have to write about Lindsay Lohan today. “Praying for you baby, my best wishes are with you today! Remember that whatever God does in our lives, it is WELL DONE!!! #1Love — @chrisbrown I’m praying for you and wishing u the best today!” brown pointe shoes uk online. Yes … well done, Chris Brown, for … something. According to the Huffington Report, Brown appeared in court Monday for the first time in more than a year. Superior Court Judge Patricia Schnegg tried to sort through Brown’s probation record and the impact of the positive marijuana result during a random drug screening. Schnegg said community service logs from Brown’s home state of Virginia were “somewhat cryptic” and an additional review was needed to determine whether he had complied with his probation..

In other words, Chris Brown didn’t come up with a very good story brown pointe shoes uk online. A spreadsheet sent by the Richmond, Va., police chief indicated Brown completed 1,402 hours of community service, ranging from trash pickup, to washing cars, painting and tending to stables. Brown spoke briefly during the hearing, telling Schnegg that he wasn’t required to sign in when performing his service. His lawyer, Mark Geragos, welcomed the inquiry and said he expected to show that Brown had complied with all his probation terms..

The judge said Brown produced a medicinal marijuana prescription from California and noted that she never ordered him not to use drugs, so the positive drug test may not have a major impact on his probation. You get the feeling this guy is made of Teflon? brown pointe shoes uk online. She warned Brown that while his marijuana use may have been legal, he needed to be mindful of his public image and his sway with young fans. Because that’s obviously such a huge factor in Chris Brown’s life. “You are not an average person who can sit in their living room and do what you want to do,” Schnegg said, noting that Brown’s mother was sitting in the audience of the courtroom. “You are not only in the public eye, but you are on probation.”..

Brown has had several high-profile incidents that have drawn negative attention, including a bottle-throwing New York City nightclub brawl involving his entourage and a group accompanying Drake. Brown received a cut on his chin, and neither entertainer was ever charged. A woman in Miami has also accused Brown of taking her cellphone away after she tried to take pictures of him outside a South Beach nightclub, but the singer has not been charged in that incident. Schnegg urged him to be careful. “You should be mindful of obeying all rules of the courts,” Schnegg said. “A lot of people look up to you — a lot of kids. What you do and what you say impacts other people.” brown pointe shoes uk online.

Anyway, Pattinson, 26, was spotted Saturday night attending the premiere of Natalie Portman’s choreographer husband Benjamin Millepied’s ballet “Moving Parts” at Walt Disney Concert Hall in downtown Los Angeles. The ballet, huh? Were there at least bloodthirsty zombie dancers or something?. The performance was also the debut of Millepied’s new L.A. Dance Project company and was followed by a Van Cleef & Arpels dinner. Of course it was. “He was there the whole night,” a source told E! Online. “He came at 5:30 and didn’t leave until the end of the after party. He just seemed really relaxed and happy brown pointe shoes uk online. He was drinking beer and puffing on an electronic cigarette.”..

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