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The “Cavalia” stable includes pure Spanish breeds, quarter horses, Lusitanos, paint horses as well as a criollo, a comtois and a miniature horse. Each of the hoofed divas is tended to by specific trainers and riders so the animals and humans have a connection. The cast consumes 17,500 bales of hay, 36,500 pounds of grain and 1,750 pounds of carrots annually. The performance arena is the width of a regulation NFL field, which means the tent is nothing short of colossal. Taking this show on the road is a herculean effort that makes Cirque du Soleil look simple by comparison. But it’s hard to find a show that has inspired devotion as intense as “Cavalia.” Many fans return again and again, following it around the country and going behind the scenes to visit their favorite horses bloch ballet shoes sizing uk online.

Alexandra Aliman Van Zee, who lives in Oakland, has seen the show 18 times so far, from San Francisco to Irvine. The San Jose engagement will mark her 19th. A hospice worker who loves animals, she sometimes takes her patients along. “I would see it every night if I could,” says Van Zee. “It’s a beautiful representation of how to live in harmony with wildlife. It’s so ethereal and magical, the horses seem to fly bloch ballet shoes sizing uk online. It appeals to the free spirit in all of us. You can’t take your eyes off the stage.”..

The horsey set certainly has a kindred spirit in Latourelle. He takes pains to ensure that the horses are never exhausted (they work a maximum of 40 minutes a day). They also enjoy a vacation schedule that most American workers would die for. Between productions, they return home to their Canadian field to go to pasture for 10 days. Latourelle envisions the show as an homage to the ancient bond between man and horse bloch ballet shoes sizing uk online. As the horses trot in front of a 200-foot-wide screen, the images trace the journey of mankind from cavemen to today..

“Man and horse have been together for 5,000 years. They are part of who we are, they are in our blood,” he says. “I wanted to explore the love we have for them.”. He is particularly steadfast in his belief that horses should be respected; he says he has little patience for riders who use the stick instead of the carrot. “Horses are very smart. They read body language. They can tell what kind of person you are in seconds.”. There is no horsing around when it comes to the methodology of training. “Cavalia” does not allow spurs or whips bloch ballet shoes sizing uk online. It uses only soft bits..

“Our philosophy is positive: You reward them for doing what you want. You never use fear to train the horse. When they don’t feel threatened by you, they give you all they’ve got.”. That love for the esprit of the horse comes through in the show bloch ballet shoes sizing uk online. In the dressage interludes, for instance, the horses are encouraged to move with their natural gait instead of a strictly enforced style. The “Cavalia” horses also have no makeup applied (as they might in a horse show). As Latourelle says, they are naturally radiant..

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