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Ballet Glass Tile Pendant w/ Matching Rubber Adjustable Necklace uk online

The smooth road to Las Vegas hit a few bumps at that point. Jackson Alvarez of North Carolina showed some power moves but also had the crowd and judges dancing “The Wobble,” a line dance he teaches. And Janelle Issis of Alabama showed her stuff as a belly dancer in a way that had Nigel halting her routine because he “didn’t want another heart attack.” Both Jackson and Janelle were sent to choreography at the end of the day black ballet flats comfortable uk online. Then it was back on the Road to Vegas with Danielle Dominguez, a dancer who loves bacon. After admiring her slim body, Nigel offered that Mary and Debbie might want to go on the bacon diet, a suggestion that turned the auditorium into a deep-freeze with the Arctic looks from the women. After digging himself out of a huge hole and apologizing, Nigel then asked Danielle’s mom, a former cheerleader, to lead a cheer in the aisle. After all this silliness, Danielle danced and, you guessed it, got a ticket to Las Vegas..

The other two Atlanta roommates were next. Andre Rucker did a pop and lock routine that was called “incredible,” “almost unbelievable” and “beyond magical” by the judges black ballet flats comfortable uk online. And he was followed by Cyrus “Glitch” Spencer who did a robot/anime/popper performance that brought more raves. Both guys will join roommate Boris Penton for the flight to Vegas. Day One was great and finished with Jackson and Janelle scoring tickets to Las Vegas after choreography, along with 13 others. And Day Two easily matched the first auditions, at least as far as I could tell from what was shown. There was even a Cat Deeley look-alike — wonder if the producers signed her up in case Cat runs out of time?..

Courtney Kirby of Florida brought her adorable, white-haired grandmother, who taught dancing many years ago. Nigel brought the woman down to sit in his chair and she gave him a couple of bear hugs and a kiss. Courtney danced a very powerful contemporary routine, and yep, she got a ticket to Las Vegas, to the delight and tears of her grandma black ballet flats comfortable uk online. But it was close: Debbie voted for Vegas but Nigel went for choreography. After Mary cast her vote for Vegas, the grandmother leaned in to Nigel and said, “You want to change your vote so you won’t look ridiculous?” And he held up the ticket..

The next dancers were fighting the odds. Asher Walker, a farm boy from Virginia who dreams of being a backup dancer for Justin Bieber, did a hip-hop routine with personality-plus that brought a standing ovation from the audience and compliments from the judges. Oh, and a ticket to Las Vegas black ballet flats comfortable uk online. And George Lawrence II, whose father wants him to be a sports star while he wants to dance, performed an audition that was described as “the best of the two days.” Debbie said, “Only a few people are born to dance and you are one of them,” before sending him on to Vegas..

Then there were three more dancers — Abagail Ruiz, Calvin Turner Jr. and Aubrey Klenge — who were praised by the judges and sent on to Las Vegas. Next up was Brittany Ortner, who lives in a city in Florida that has a law protecting chickens. She didn’t do the Chicken Dance but danced a contemporary routine that pleased the judges and was sent to do choreography at the end of the day. The last dancers on Wednesday night’s show were two brothers, Damon and Deon Bellmom, who ran into big trouble when they auditioned last year. Viewers accused them of ripping off the choreography of French twins shown on YouTube. The pair apologized and promised to do their own choreography. It was fun to watch but they were sent to choreography to see if they could “dance with a girl,” Nigel said. Of the 25 dancers doing choreography, Brittany and Damon were sent on to Las Vegas with 13 others black ballet flats comfortable uk online. Sadly, Deon was sent home, but he vowed to cheer on his brother..

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