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3D Flat Shoes Chocolate Mold, Ballerina shoes Mold, Ballet Shoe Mold, Cake Decorating Tools for Home Baking, Wedding, Birthday C uk online

Cyrus made it through again — this guy is really something — but two girls, Rachel “Burlesque” Applehans and Amelia “Silent Movie” Lowe have to “dance for their life.” Rachel was cut by a 4-2 vote of the judges and Debbie told her to put less emphasis on the sexy next time. Amelia danced, Nigel voted no but the others outvoted him and Amelia moved on to the next round. And after being stone-faced so far, Cyrus broke down in tears at making it. At 10 p.m. of Day Two, Cat addressed the remaining dancers to tell them that Round 5 was the group routine. After they picked their own groups of five or six, they chose music at random and stayed up all night figuring out what to do. Then they danced the routine for the judges in the morning of Day Three. Of course, exhaustion set in, and screaming and yelling ensued best pointe shoes for wide feet and high arches uk online. In addition, Danielle returned after eight hours in the hospital and joined a group very late, which foreshadowed an unhappy ending for her. Danielle was in the first group to perform, and she and another dancer were cut. She really got the short end of the stick..

One by one, the other groups performed and at the end of some remarkable routines, only five dancers were cut. Alexa made it but Tyce decided to be super-nasty to her, and Mary was right along with him. They berated and belittled her until she broke down. Alexa finally dissolved in tears, and the judges cheered that she “showed some emotion.” Really? Is she such a good dancer to rate this attention?. It was down to 61 dancers and Round 6 was ballroom, a cha cha that was really tricky for the hip-hop types. Cyrus had some problems, but when the judges told him he would have to dance for his life, he was thrilled to do his own thing best pointe shoes for wide feet and high arches uk online. And he was awesome — the judges all gave him a thumbs-up and Lil’ C said it was “extra buck.” Aubrey Klinger, who did so well in the group routine, was cut and left sobbing; Stepheon “The Zombie” Stewart was still in the running; and Alexa finally brought Adam to his feet with a cha cha that set the stage on fire..

The producers really like to press the dancers to the wall, and Round 7 — contemporary — started at 9 p.m. of Day Three with Travis Wall, who finished second in Season 2 of SYTYCD, showing the group his routine best pointe shoes for wide feet and high arches uk online. There were 52 dancers left and they had to perform that night. Marine Corps boot camp would almost be a walk in the park compared to this. After the performances, Nigel called 34 dancers to the stage, including Cyrus, and told them that they had made it to Round 8: their final solos. But 18 dancers the judges “were not sure of” had to do the routine again, and only a few, such as Joshua Alexander, made it through..

It was Day Four and time for the solos. Joshua showed a new trick he had learned, flipped, landed wrong and hit his head. He was taken away on a gurney to the hospital, but don’t worry, he was shown in the promos for next week awaiting the final word. Only two dancers were shown doing their solos: Alexa and Chehon Wespi-Tschopp, the ballet dancer from Switzerland, who seemed to actually levitate with some of his leaps. All of the guys were asked to come to the stage, and five of them were cut, almost at the last step, including Adrian, who had this happen to him last season best pointe shoes for wide feet and high arches uk online. The 17 girls then came to the stage and not one of them was sent home..

So there were a total of 35 dancers who think they can dance, and the judges were ready to put their heads together to decide which 15 would be disappointed in the end best pointe shoes for wide feet and high arches uk online. But we won’t find out until next week’s show who the lucky 20 will be, the 20 dancers who survived the toughest, harshest, most grueling audition process on reality TV. Were your favorites among the 35? Did you think it was fair who was cut? Tune in next week for the show that will reveal the Top 20 and feature a performance by the group..

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