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While the play is saddled with one too many fantasy sequences, Alejandro’s narrative arc feels muddled, and the ending is a puzzler. Greg Graham’s whimsical choreography lends the production its most ethereal moments. If the text were as sure-footed as the dance, “Somewhere” would be irresistible ballroom dance shoes near me uk online. The delicacy of the movement captures the loftiness of Inez’s dreams for her family. They dance as if their lives depended on it, leaping and twirling through one cramped apartment after another, leaving the squalor of the slums behind as long as the music plays..

They were taking part in the ArtSPARK program, which brings a little culture to elementary school kids in Santa Clara County ballroom dance shoes near me uk online. More accurately, it brings the kids — about 33,000 so far this year — to the culture via a fleet of school buses. Third-graders see a theater performance, fifth graders are exposed to dance. The fourth graders I saw were waiting for a special Symphony Silicon Valley performance, and then they would be escorted to the Center for the Performing Arts to see San Jose Taiko, our very famous Japanese-American drum troupe..

Symphony President Andrew Bales, who coordinates the program, said it exposes the kids to traditional performance arts like symphony and ballet as well as multicultural offerings like taiko and the Los Lupeños folklorico dance group. Not to mention introducing them to venues like the California Theater, the Mexican Heritage Plaza and the San Jose Rep. Besides the symphony, the Santa Clara County Office of Education, the city of San Jose and 1stACT Silicon Valley are the program’s big backers, plus a legion of volunteers who help shepherd the kids where they need to be ballroom dance shoes near me uk online. Bales said the goal is to get every third- through sixth-grade student in the county to a performance. And that may “spark” the next generation of performers, arts educators and audiences..

A former dancer with New York City Ballet, Ballet Frankfurt and American Ballet Theatre and now a freelance choreographer, Reeder peopled his latest work, “Being Served,” with a maid, a butler and a swank dinner party crowd. Right away, he launched the capable cast into taut movement sequences that expressed repression, bitterness and yearning, followed later by sexual abandon, chaos and a whole lot of dying. This was a multifaceted, tightly packaged comic drama built from elegant duets and ensemble work ballroom dance shoes near me uk online. It knew what it was about — it was part paean to the genre of psychological ballets that sprang up in the 1940s, and part homage to film, master painting (“The Last Supper”) and, particularly, film noir. Reeder eloquently quoted the 20th-century dramatic dances while leaving behind their overheated earnestness. He gave us a contemptuous brush of the arm from Jose Limon’s tragedy “The Moor’s Pavane”; a duet sequence echoing Antony Tudor’s despairing “Jardin Aux Lilas”; and an insulting gesture that Mercutio dangerously doles out in “Romeo and Juliet.”..

Then, once the couples’ restraint loosened and the party took on the air of a bacchanal, with standout performances by Kristin Lindsay and Bobby Briscoe, “Being Served” turned gothic. Working in the tradition of today’s gold standard in television — everything from “Breaking Bad” to “True Blood” — the gothic next got elegantly campy. The maid and butler joined the crowd as it ripped up the stage, then they set about poisoning the posh party goers. When the diners finally collapsed into their chairs, the servants pushed the dead into their plates with the same brusque air as Mrs ballroom dance shoes near me uk online. Lovett dispenses with the bodies in “Sweeney Todd.” The dying doesn’t end there, nor does the humor. A bit over the top? Indeed..

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