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Dancing was a big commitment by high school. De Guzman studied at San Francisco Ballet School, with Boogiezone’s ENTITY Ultra Contemporary Dance Co., and under Janet Nordgren-Taddie at Castro Valley Performing Arts. As a swing (an understudy), De Guzman must learn 14 different ensemble roles and be prepared, even with only two hours notice, to go on stage and blend perfectly with the regular cast members. “I spend a lot of time with the assistant choreographer and dance captains,” he laughed ballet slippers description uk online.

His debut, as “Mush,” was surreal. “Broadway is the pinnacle,” he said. “The hardest part wasn’t the choreography ballet slippers description uk online. The hardest part were the thoughts racing through my mind.”. What wasn’t racing through his mind was the medical machinery he had left behind in the Bay Area. “He’s had to learn how to dance and walk three times in his life. Did he tell you that?” Nordgren-Taddie said. “He has a fire that comes from within.”..

Fueling his passion for movement is something that could have ended his career — cancer. “I underwent surgeries in 2009 and 2011 for a rare form of a bone tumor in my left femur head,” De Guzman wrote in an email. After cementing the tumor site, Dr ballet slippers description uk online. Richard O’Donnell at UC San Francisco Mt. Zion gave his patient the go-ahead to pursue his career. “My hip feels great, and I don’t have issues with it, but I do my best to do a full, comprehensive warm-up and cool-down before and after each performance,” De Guzman said..

And if there’s a dance genie, Julian De Guzman, 25, definitely has access to it. The Oakland native triple threat — musical theater’s term for an acting, singing and dancing talent — is flipping, pirouetting and pounding his miraculous way on Broadway in the Tony Award-winning “Newsies.”. His story, a magical mix of modeling, mentoring and medicine, begins in the Philippines, where his ancestors danced. It then soars to America, where his father, Dr. Joe De Guzman, studied and taught ballet, ballroom and Philippine folk dance. Then it spirals its way through the lives of Julian and his sister, Robyn, also a musical theater actor ballet slippers description uk online.

“My father had me dancing at age 3, taking ballet, jazz, gymnastic and tap classes,” De Guzman said in a phone interview from New York City. “He had us trying anything and everything. He taught us to be well rounded.”. As a young boy, De Guzman didn’t like dancing — until the boys who used to tease him started to think his acrobatic flips, hip-hop tutting and balletic tricks were cool ballet slippers description uk online. “I realized I could do things other people couldn’t do,” he said..

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