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Terez Dean danced the fast, undulant and hybrid movement with impeccable timing, flawlessly shifting from one movement idiom to another. She and partner Christian Squires danced as equals, performing different steps together, joining in lifts, one never dominating. Then Jonathan Mangosing swiped the floor in a beautiful and mysterious solo, caterpillaring himself off stage backward. John Speed Orr swiped the spotlight in a finale of gorgeous dancing. “Swipe” is a work that requires ballet’s precision, the curve and attack of earthborne steps and the relaxed ease of walking, and the dancers packed it with silky attack and a nuance that put them at a new level of fluency. Difficult but masterfully crafted work serves them well ballet shoes (film) cast uk online.

On the surface, “Through,” a premiere, might seem to be of the same order as “Swipe.” Cong is the resident choreographer of the Tulsa Ballet and, like Caniparoli, a hybridizer, taking from various idioms to forge a contemporary ballet. But Cong, with a pastiche of music compositions by Ryuichi Sakamoto that became increasingly schmaltzy, and despite obvious talent, lacks Caniparoli’s capacity to layer. He tends toward the sentimental and superficial, like Smuin, but unlike Smuin, the pas de deux are mechanical and virtuosic, not emotive, reducing “Through’s” abundant circles, lifts and leaps to pyrotechnics. While the rich action was always moving somewhere, it lacked the depth that makes us feel the human poetry of motion ballet shoes (film) cast uk online.

Poetry, by contrast, is what Smuin conjured in the best moments of “Symphony,” with its group processional and images of sacrifice: an upside-down cross made by a dancer’s body, a dancer held up with her legs in extreme second position and another clamped to the back of her partner, echoing “Carmina Burana” and “Prodigal Son”. Overhead hung what appeared to be two diaphanous boulders, as though the world were upended. And except for the odd turtlenecks worn by the men that were more fitting for a hootenanny, this dance made us feel the solemnity of a world upside down with sorrow and the promise of going on ballet shoes (film) cast uk online.

On hand for the event — “Dance From the Heart” — will be dancers from such prominent companies as the Smuin Ballet, Ballet San Jose, Company C, Diablo Ballet, ODC and Amy Seiwert’s Imagery ballet shoes (film) cast uk online. It’s the first time the dance companies have gotten together to benefit the fight against AIDS, although New York and Chicago have had such events for some time. The performances will be held at the Cowell Theatre at San Francisco’s Fort Mason Center. Things get under way at 7:30 p.m.; tickets are $30-$50, just for the show, with preferred seating and a reception going for $100 to $1,000; or 415-273-1620..

The Festival of the Silk Road, which presents music, dance and poetry from the cultures connected by those ancient trade routes, celebrates its fourth year Sunday at Mexican Heritage Plaza ballet shoes (film) cast uk online. Produced by Afsaneh Arts and Culture Society, an organization dedicated to Persian dance, the event has grown, much like the Silk Road did itself, to include performers from Turkey, China, India, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. “We quickly found as we started to do these performances that it was very difficult to separate along national borders,” says Sharlyn Sawyer, Afsaneh’s founder and director. “The Silk Road speaks to that conduit of arts, goods and ideas that stretched across Eurasia. It’s also a metaphor that gives us room to grow and change.”..

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