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The piece is set to a voiceover of Seymour reading text that she has written about her experiences with her mother’s illness. Seymour will also play live accompaniment on the dulcimer ballet dance shoes uk online. In addition to the dancers in her company, Wingrove often works with dancers from other companies, such as Ballet San Jose. Meanwhile is a piece she created to pay tribute to Ballet San Jose dancer Tiffany Glenn, who died of breast cancer last summer at the age of 33. Six years ago, not long before Glenn discovered her illness, the dancer and Wingrove had made plans to work together, but the collaboration never came about. Wingrove wanted to show her admiration for Glenn’s talent and her determination, so she created Meanwhile..

“Her spirit was so strong, and she kept on dancing. That quote: ‘I get up. I walk ballet dance shoes uk online. I fall down. Meanwhile I keep dancing”–that’s exactly what she did,” Wingrove says. “I felt so badly that we never had a chance to work together, I know she was such a vital, strong person, she kept dancing no matter what.”. Wingrove set the piece to Applachian-influenced music by American composer Mark O’Connor, in part because the unique tune is not something that most audiences will be familiar with..

The company has continued to work with students from San Jose’s Yerba Buena High School, a partnership that began in the 2011-2012 school year, and saw students perform for the first time with the company in last year’s winter concert. Wingrove is working with a new group of 24 students from the school, who will perform in a new work called Enduring Streams. The piece focuses on the idea of water, which is crucial to human survival, and is also seen as purifying in many religions. “I wanted to give the feeling that we’re all streams,” Wingrove says. “Let us all be streams of love, hope and peace ballet dance shoes uk online. The thing that I really love about all the students is to see the different sizes and shapes, personalites, cultural backgrounds–it’s like saying ‘this is our community,’ it’s very special.”..

Two students who danced with the company in last year’s performance will make their debuts as choreographers this year. “Ali Abdalla’s piece is called Wounded and Kevin Rivera’s piece is called Always. Both of them really got into movement and creativity, and so I was working with a different class this year, and they wanted to choreograph. I was really excited about that and I think it’s very brave.”. Whereas Wingrove notes it’s more traditional for new choreographers to start with solos, Abdalla and Rivera are featuring multiple dancers in their pieces. “Ali’s piece has four dancers in it, which again, I think is pretty remarkable, because when most choreographers start out, they do solos. It’s pretty courageous and he’s doing a really good job of it ballet dance shoes uk online. And then Kevin’s piece is a duet. I am so proud of them and excited because they have their own movement, they’re doing their own movement. Theyre just jumping right in and doing it.”..

In addition to “Meanwhile,” the piece dedicated to Glenn, Wingrove’s program blending modern dance and ballet techniques will feature works choreographed by dance students at Yerba Buena High School. Ali Abdalla and Kevin Rivera have both worked under the tutelage of Wingrove, who is in her 32nd year as a choreographer, and both danced in the program in 2011. “Illuminations” opens Friday night at 8, with performances Saturday and Sunday ballet dance shoes uk online. Tickets are $25 to $45. Call 408-283-7142 for more information..

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