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Organist Kevin Coelho, 17, dazzled audiences at that event in both 2011 and 2012. “It’s always a learning experience for me,” he says 3d printed pointe shoes uk online. “I try to play with players who are better than me, just so I can learn from them. “The festival environment is a lot more welcoming than you might think. There’s pressure to play well. But I find that I perform better under pressure. It’s a good motivating tool. So before that date, I’d been practicing five or six hours a day to prepare and it really worked out.”..

Before going into the studio to record his CD, “Funkengruven,” Coelho made sure he was again well prepared. With producer Tony Monaco, he rehearsed for two weeks prior to laying down tracks. “By the time we got to the studio sessions, it was really relaxed. We just went in and had fun,” Coelho says 3d printed pointe shoes uk online. “We didn’t have to do many takes.”. Joining him on the album were guitarist Derek DiCenzo and drummer Reggie Jackson, both members of keyboardist Monaco’s trio. Monaco has also served as one of Coelho’s organ teachers..

“There was a point where he had me sitting in on his gigs,” Coelho says, “where he decided I had gone from being just a student to being a peer 3d printed pointe shoes uk online. That’s when things really started happening for me. I had to get to the level of musicianship where I could interact with these amazing musicians. “Tony was the one who actually proposed to me the idea of doing the album. In the summer of 2011, he told me to come back in the winter and, if I’d improved enough, then we’d go ahead with the album. So, of course, for the next few months, I just went home and practiced a ton. I came back and he said, ‘I think you’re ready.’”..

The album’s cool soul-jazz sounds include a couple of numbers composed by young Coelho, as well as tunes by Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock and another of Coelho’s former instructors, Randy Masters. Coelho, who plays Red Rock Coffee on Friday, began mastering keyboards at an early age. His grandmother was the principal violist of the San Francisco Ballet Orchestra. His father was a fine violinist who chose to become an engineer, rather than a professional musician. From the age of 6, Coelho studied piano. He also played violin, saxophone and drums. At age 11, he heard “Green Onions” by Booker T. and The M.G.’s, and had an epiphany. The Hammond B3 organ was what he really wanted to play. “That sound is just so dirty 3d printed pointe shoes uk online. There’s something about the grit of the organ..

“It’s really more in the mistakes than it is in the so-called right notes. I’m familiar with a lot of classical recordings and they’re just too perfect. The organ really brings this soul and heart to it. What I love about these old ’60s organ recordings is just how many mistakes they make. Sometimes you get really good mistakes and they sound great 3d printed pointe shoes uk online. And you can’t get that from somebody who’s playing a piece perfectly, 100 percent, every time. A degree of mistakes gives it originality. You have to experiment a little bit.”..

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